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Rise Of Industry

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 7 - 2019

Putting on your business head.

Over a year ago, Dapper Penguin Studios’ Rise of Industry arrived on Early Access and armchair industrialists everywhere where able to start building up supply chains and forging their own industrial empires. Now, after a lengthy time in Early Access, Rise of Industry is in full release and those more cautious gamers are also able to start flexing their logistical muscles.

roi1 (Copy)

The low poly visuals are the first thing that the player will appreciate in Rise of Industry, even before they get into complex production chains and transport routes. Rise of Industry is a simple but very nice looking game, perhaps slightly at odds with the complexity. Buildings are all blocky and easy to identify, and the roads spring to life with transport making its way to and from warehouses or factories. The basic colour scheme makes sure everything is easy on the eye, and there is a surprising amount of detail considering the simplicity. Nice little touches with the visuals make it simple to work out what is happening where, giving the player less to worry about.

Set up like a city building game, the objective in Rise of Industry is fairly easy to understand; Local towns have stores that want specific products, and the player needs to provide those products and make a profit. Indeed, it may even start simply with the player only having to harvest a basic resource and then sell it in the town. However, don’t expect things to stay that simple.

The selection of different products that the player can make is impressive. As already stated, it all starts with the player harvesting a basic resource such as water or coal from nodes on the map. From there buildings such as crop farms can use some water to create wheat, for example, which could then be used along with more water to produce eggs. Things get more complex when the player has to make components such as bottles, which will require the sand resource that then gets turned into glass before being used to make the bottle. From there, the player could head towards supplying cider, which requires apples, water and bottles to complete. Of course, it doesn’t end there, with all manner of different products from outdoor clothing and leather furniture to chocolate cake and pizza having their own production lines that the player will have to work out and keep track of.

roi2 (Copy)

Keeping track of all the different requirements for a product, including how much is needed and how long each individual ingredient takes to produce, is where Rise of Industry’s difficulty lies, especially once the player is having to deal with more luxury goods. Of course, there is also the complication of gathering the resources to start with, which could be spread all across the map.

Transport links are the other side of the game. To start with players need worry themselves with only trucks moving resources from mines and the like to their factories or to towns. Managing the trucks and developing an efficient road layout is not too difficult. But, of course, things will always get more complex, and the distances may get larger. This is where alternate modes of transport may come in, with the player able to employ bigger trucks, trains and even airships to move products around.

Players are not alone in wanting to make some money in Rise of Industry though. The towns themselves are always looking for the best deal to grow and improve, and there are competing businesses that aim to simply out do the player, one way or another. They don’t present the largest threat, but can still be frustrating when they deliberately prevent the player from getting to a resource or whatever.

Rise of Industry does include a tutorial, but it is not the most in depth and will leave most players having to head for YouTube or the like to get more information. The developers are aware of this and give handy links to outside help from within the game, which is a nice helping hand. Players can choose from two different modes; campaign or sandbox. The campaign mode gives the player a tech tree to slowly unlock, while the sandbox mode unlocks everything and gives the player the freedom to build whatever they want. There is not a lot of difference to be honest, and the player is able to tweak the difficulty in a number of different ways to make the game more approachable or challenging.

roi3 (Copy)

Rise of Industry may have come out of Early Access, but the developers are still planning to add more stuff, which is always good to see. The game has a very narrow focus, relying solely on setting up more and more complex supply chains and having the player get them all to where they need to be. As the player builds up their business and starts getting the money rolling in, it really can become mind-meltingly complex trying to keep on top of many different products. If that level of management sounds fun, then Rise of Industry is the game for you.




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