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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 28 - 2019

Preventing a World War Two bioweapon with a better looking Karl Fairburne.

It’s not just the Nintendo Switch that is getting an abundance of remakes and remasters just lately. Every platform is now being seen as fair game for developers and publishers to scrape through their back catalogue and drop an older title with a fresh coat of paint, hoping to build on their fan base. Now, Rebellion are getting in on the remaster action with the release of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, a pimped up version of the seven year old game that made watching bullets fly through the bodies of Nazis so much fun.

sev2r1 (Copy)

Through a variety of mini-sandbox levels, the player will take the Sniper Elite hero Karl Fairburne to varying objectives while trying to avoid the full wrath of the Nazi forces. The overall objective of the main campaign is simply to stop a new Nazi bioweapon from being deployed, but there is so much more fun to be had along the way as the player is given some freedom in how they approach each of the objectives on the journey. The levels in V2 are much more linear than anything found in the later Sniper Elite games, but don’t entirely close the play down and still allow creativity.

The player has a reasonable arsenal, including the likes of pistols and sub-machine guns, along with various traps that can at least alert the player to an approaching enemy. This does at least offer the possibility of facing enemies head on and hoping for the best. However, picking fights out in the open will more often than not spell disaster as these lesser weapons seem to lack any punch. They are handy when the player is having to think on their feet in a tight situation, but they are not much use beyond this.

The real star of the show is the sniper rifle, and this is where Karl Fairburne will wreak the most havoc. Scan the area, make a note of where the enemies are, and then find the best place to pick them all off from a distance. Setting up a good sniping position and then taking down a number of Nazis in quick succession really does leave the player feeling like a regular sniping bad-ass. The sniping mechanics, while not as impressive as the later games in the series, are still quite involved, with the player having to take into account things like distance, wind and even noise if they are to get a successful shot and remain undetected. At the longer distances, the player will have to press a button for Karl to hold his breath to reduce any shaking, further adding complexity to the long distance kill.

sev2r2 (Copy)

This is where the creativity comes in, with the player able to use their rifle to create diversions, to bring enemy soldiers out of hiding, and even to take down things like tanks. But it is the perfect shot on an enemy soldier that will be most gratifying as the player is rewarded with the now classic bullet camera as they get to watch the bullet enter the targets body and rip its way through, bursting organs and breaking bones along the way. Sure, it is a gruesome sight, but it really is a major part of the appeal for Sniper Elite, and trying to get the most impressive kill is enough to keep players moving forward in the game.

When it comes to the remaster, I have to say that Karl Fairburne looks pretty good, as do many of his adversaries. With that said, the game is definitely showing its age, and some of the environments look especially dated. The age of the game is also revealed in the way Karl moves, feeling clunky and imprecise, and the AI really isn’t the best, with enemy soldiers occasionally flitting between being downright stupid to having almost super human powers of observation.

Once the player is done with the roughly ten hour main campaign, there is still a good amount of content to keep the player coming back. This remastered version of Sniper Elite V2 comes with all of the previously released DLC, which includes the infamous challenge mission to take down Hitler himself, along with a few other challenge missions. Then there is a horde mode of sorts, which is good for wasting some time. Being able to play with a friend in co-op certainly increases the fun, and various different modes are available in multiplayer, which supports up to 16 players, although I doubt the dated nature of the gameplay will tempt players away from the other, more modern multiplayer offerings for more than a little while. Still, with core boards and collectibles, there is plenty of reason for invested snipers to keep coming back for more.

sev2r3 (Copy)

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a decent remaster of a game that is feeling its age. For those who remember the game the first time around, it is a great piece of nostalgia and the thrill of watching a bullet rip through a Nazi never gets old. Those coming from one of the more recent Sniper Elite games will notice the age more and may struggle to invest in Karl Fairburne’s adventure. However, if you can overlook the age and associated flaws, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered can still offer plenty of sniping fun.




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