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DLC Arrives For Van Helsing

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Trine 4 – October 8

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Ghostlight Offer Agarest 2 In UK

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Pre-Order Your Angry Birds Plushie

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Playism has announced atmospheric and relaxing Star Sky is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Star Sky releases on the eshop on May 23rd, but is available for pre-purchase now for 50% off! Take a hop, skip and jump to check out the trailer below.

Star Sky


A quiet night, the heavens above, and a tale waiting to be told.

Under the star-filled night sky, lets take a stroll.
Each choice and step leads to a new encounter, a work of pure imagination, peace and exploration of the beautiful night sky.

Star Sky is a story about a walk in the middle of the night. The only way to play is to walk and stop as your heart desires.
In certain areas, you can hear the gentle sounds of the night, if you stop for a while to listen you may witness some strange events.

This isn’t a game meant to be played intensely for hours, but rather a relaxing experience that can be explored gently at your own pace.
Walk as much as you like beneath the stars, search for scattered events or simply stay still and listen to the gentle sounds of the night.

Explore Star Sky now without the stress of time or goals consuming you.

A calming experience set beneath the night’s starry sky.
Atmospheric music, pulling you in to ease your mind and unwind.
A calming and tingling experience with calming cues inducing relaxation.
Become your own narrator of a methodically slow-paced story you choose to weave with every step.
A variety of secrets and choices spread beneath the stars, only discoverable through patience.

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