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The Padre

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 8 - 2019

A tongue-in-cheek, point & click, survival horror adventure.

Not everyone likes being scared. While I enjoy a good scare myself, I know of some gamers who would simply walk out of the room rather than being confronted with a rusty child’s tricycle on the screen. However, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like to laugh, and laughter is the main thing I would take away from Shotgun With Glitters’ The Padre. Packed with quirkiness and heart, this 3D horror adventure game which takes influence from the likes of classic horror titles, such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, is far more likely to leave players wetting themselves with laughter than fear.

padre1 (Copy)

Which is not a bad thing. Players will take on the role of The Padre, a grizzled old priest who has seen more than his fair share of the macabre. Tasked with hunting down a missing cardinal, The Padre will find himself having to explore and old Gothic mansion, which is a picture perfect setting for all sorts of scares.

The voxel art style, which gives the game a sort of dark Minecraft look, is perfect for the humorous undertones of the game. However, it is the level of detail that really brings the mansion and all of the demonic goings on there to life. Grim textures and creepy, moving environments ratchet up the tension as the player explores, while the excellent use of lighting ensures that the player will never be certain of what they will find in the next room.

padre2 (Copy)

The huge building is chock full of puzzles and traps, along with the occasional fiend that the player will have to overcome. The traps, that often surprise the player, encourage the player to take their time and not rush in this dangerous environment, all the while hunting for objects that can be interacted with and possibly used to solve puzzles further down the line. Finding each and every object is of the utmost importance as, while not always immediately obvious, they each have a purpose. The puzzles can range from simply putting an item in the right place to finding the right item to manipulate something in the environment, and are nicely varied in their difficulty. While some proved to be classic head scratchers, other puzzles were light enough to make the player feel good about themselves. If the player looks around, there are often hints as to the solutions that will really help on the more difficult puzzles.

Then there are the various monsters that inhabit the mansion. From the undead to demons, The Padre will have plenty to deal with here, although in reality running away may be the safest way to proceed. When escape is not an option, then it comes down to combat which basically means equipping a weapons, such as a gun or melee weapon, and then spamming the monster until it is defeated, hopefully before The Padre. To be honest, it is not the most elegant combat system, and it can feel unfair, especially when facing off against far more powerful monsters. But then, the old priest may not really be the best when it comes to a fight, emphasising the need to run away where possible.

With a mansion to explore, puzzles to solve, the occasional monster to defeat and a story to conclude, there is enough in The Padre to fill a good six hours of gameplay. However, it is the aforementioned heart that will really pull the players in. The game is by no means perfect, with some less than perfect mechanics and the occasional awkward camera, but this almost adds to the charm. Little details that players will spot as they explore will raise a smile, and the pop culture references are always enjoyable. Even the old priest’s voice, all gruff and serious, while bordering on silly, is just a joy to listen to. And the dark humour throughout is very, very welcome.

padre3 (Copy)

The Padre is an obviously budget game that the developers have really put their hearts into. As a retro survival horror point and click game, it does okay. But as a nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek look back at the horror games of old, The Padre is a blast. Anyone looking for an atmospheric point and click adventure with a gruff, old priest will find time well spent with The Padre.




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