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Venom Protective Shell Case With Game Storage For Switch

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 10 - 2019

Gripping stuff.

Being able to take the Nintendo Switch out and about is the true strength of the console. It is a handheld with home console power, and comes out of the box with controllers for two. However, it is not exactly cheap, and the risk of damaging the console is enough to put many players off from taking it travelling. So, protection is the order of the day, and Venom have the answer with their Protective Shell Case with Game Storage. Aside from the protection aspect, it also has the bulges that sit beneath the Joy-Cons and make the console feel far more comfortable to use for long periods.


We have seen this comfort grip idea before, with the Dragon Slay Comfort Grip, and it really was a game changer. With the Joy-Cons attached, the Nintendo Switch is just not that comfortable for most people to use for long. Adding hand grips make the entire console feel more like holding a large controller, and is much more of a natural position for the hands.

vpsc2 (Copy)

Venom’s Protective Shell Case with Game Storage is far more focussed on the protection than the comfort, but still adds hand grips for the user. The case is mostly made from clear, hard plastic, similar to CD cases for those who remember. This of course means that users can still enjoy the awesome look of their Switch without losing out on protection. However, on each side of the case are textured matt hand grips where the Joy-Cons will be. The grips protrude less than on a proper controller, and so are perhaps not as comfortable as larger grips would be, but they feel softer and are nice and grippy.

However, this case is more about protection and as such doesn’t disappoint. The case slips onto the Switch nice and smoothly, without any fear of scratching, and once on is quite secure. As an added bonus, the case ships with a 9H tempered glass screen protector, which is really easy to fit, giving the Switch good all round protection. While I wouldn’t be happy to throw the Switch around with the case on, I feel comfortable that the Switch would be unharmed in the case of accidental drops, and the screen protector will keep the screen free of scratches.

vpsc3 (Copy)

As often seems to be the case, Venom’s product also includes storage for game carts. There is a plate on the back of the case that provides storage for up to eight cartridges, and the plate has a lid to keep those carts safe. The obvious benefit here is that users will not have to carry around extra storage should they want to take at least part of their game collection with them. Again made out of the hard, clear plastic, the game storage keeps the look of the overall case and provides the protection that users would need.

The Venom case gives full access to all of the ports and the user can easily access the kickstand for tabletop use and remove the Joy-Cons for multiplayer fun. It provides all the security a player would need, but goes that one step further to make the users life a little easier. On the underside are two clips attached to the game storage, and unclipping them will reveal the storage is attached to the main case with a hinge. Lifting up the entire game storage will allow the Switch to be docked without removing the protective case. This is a huge deal for anyone who wants to play at home on the TV and on the go. Removing a case every time the Switch needs to be docked risks damaging the case and the console, and so the fact that the Venom case doesn’t need to be removed is a huge deal. With the game storage angled upward, the Switch slides into the dock as normal. It does feel a little more snug than without the case, but doesn’t cause any problems.

vpsc4 (Copy)

The Venom Protective Shell Case with Game Storage is another option for Switch players looking perhaps for some comfort and protection. While the comfort side is not as good as it could be, the protection is brilliant, especially with the included screen protector. The game storage is nice, and the unit looks good, but the real highlight here is that the case doesn’t need to be removed when docked. When it comes to keeping the Switch safe, with a £12.99 price tag on Amazon and some excellent features, the Venom Protective Shell Case with Game Storage is worth considering.

The Venom Protective Shell Case with Game Storage is available on Amazon.




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