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Cities: Skylines – Campus

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 17 - 2019

Giving your citizens the chance at a quality education.

Since its launch and dominance of the city building and management genre, Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines has been constantly expanding and improving through both free patches and paid for DLC. After an emphasis on downtime in the Parklife expansion, and industry in the Industries expansion, the developers are now looking to getting your citizens a decent education while bringing all of the benefits of having a world class educational campus to your city. Get set to graduate with the Cities: Skylines – Campus expansion.

csc1 (Copy)

So, while having an educated populace has always been a benefit to the cities in Cities: Skylines, for the purposes of improving the work force for example, never before has there been so much emphasis on the actual nuts and bolts of that education, and the Campus expansion starts by offering some very nice, dedicated buildings that will go a long way to developing that world leading educational campus that other cities would be envious of. These are not just simple inner city buildings that the little students can go and spend their days at, but the full on American campus idea, spread out across a large area of the city and comprising of many, many different buildings. For starters though, there are three different types of schools that the player can get set up. The University is the most recognisable, but players could also opt for a trade school with much more specialised education, or a Liberal Arts College. Each of the different schools bring their own challenges and benefits to the city, along with their own style.

Like a little town of its own, the campus will have to be built up by adding various new buildings, from administration and dorm rooms, through to the likes of lecture halls and specialised training areas. As anyone who has ever watched TV will know, universities in the States are pretty big on their sports, and so the idea of college sports teams carries through into the Campus expansion with all manner of stadiums and ballparks filling out any spare space the player may have in their campus area.

csc2 (Copy)

Of course, one doesn’t create a world leading educational establishment over night, and so the player will have to work hard to build up the reputation of their campus, taking it through various different levels from unrecognised to prestigious, with each level giving the player access to yet more buildings. Increasing that reputation is something of a juggling act as the player contends with keeping the campus relevant and performing well, all the while attracting new students each year, which can be a problem for cities with limited population. The reputation can go down as well as up, and so players with stagnant city population growth may find their prized academic campus lose favour as the student intake slows down. There are policies that will help to encourage new students, but keeping that enrolment up is by far the most tricky aspect of running a good campus.

The new sports arenas included with the Campus expansion can be placed anywhere and will be exactly like other sports arenas. However, placing one inside the campus district will bring a whole load of other management options for the player. In these instances, the local team can become a great revenue stream and the player will be responsible for the likes of hiring staff to improve their team’s success, and even more policies to get the fans flocking to the stadium.

Cities: Skylines still looks absolutely great, considering that the game is now getting on a bit, and the Campus expansion adds yet more variety to the way the game looks. Being able to have whole areas of the campus without traffic, with just walkways between the buildings, really gives these new areas a stand out theme. More content is always a good thing in games like this. The only real downside is that as more content is being added, performance can start to slip on older machines.

csc3 (Copy)

While the end goal of educating citizens to improve the city work force has always been an option in Cities: Skylines, the Campus expansion takes it to a whole new level of management for the player. It is not going to drastically change the way the game plays, but it adds a little bit more personality and some new challenges, keeping the game fresh. An essential add-on? No. But more content and more choices is always good, and the Campus expansion certainly does nothing wrong.




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