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Dark Devotion Gets Update 1.0.3 and is £12.24 on Steam

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 27 - 2019

The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop have announced action RPG, Dark Devotion will be receiving a major update that spans several enhancements to the existing gameplay. Check out the details below.


Features & balancing :


– You can now see the tablets you’ve already activated on the map
– Purchased blessings are now automatically activated
– Room 8, the path to Adonias is now less obvious, inducing new players to go towards Hezek first.
– Room 8 the templar’s corpse gives you a 2H pattern.
– Base brightness from 0 to +5 to improve the game experience.
– Camera movement has been improved to avoid motion sickness
– Disease 17 (rusty armor) rebalanced
– Added an icon on the map showing where the hero currently is
– Speaking to Ariuk now triggers the quest with Gabrielle on the first dialog.
– Using a poultice now also heals bleeding disease
– Nerfed the succubus sword
– Changed the weapon in room 91 in front of the boss door
– Nekosh demon is a bit more aggressive
– Explosive arrows now explode much faster
– Chimeria’s HP up from 2400 to 3000
– Elinor and Aureus’ HP up from 1300 to 1600 for each boss
– Ritualist’s HP up from 3000 to 4000
– Nerfed the scrap merchant blessing from 100% to 25% chance every kill
– Basilius’ guide book can now be used only 4 times in each room

Several visual fixes have been implemented. The most notable listed below:

– Selected text now more visible in the main menu
– Corrected visual path in room 56 on the map
– Fixed Ariuk’s sprite size in the world 3 HUB
– Jezebel’s shield now always appears correctly when the main character dies

-Several audio improvements

Gameplay fixes :

– Gaining health with bloodlust blessing can no longer cause anesthesia disease
– Blacksmith’s weapon can no longer be visible in both hands.
– Detection of boss-killing quests improved
– Blood traps in world 3 now properly reset upon player’s death
– All First One’s attacks now hit the character properly
– Some fire weapons were not burning logs in world 2
– Fixed descriptions for boss weapons in the blacksmith
– The Martyr now blocks arrows
– Removed loots from Adonias’ minions
– Cosmology & Chiromancy’s hitbox now matches the visual effect
– Redemption curse no longer triggers Last Breath curse
– Chiromancy’saracter can no longer be cursed during exploration of world 4
– The quest to kill the Mysterious Entity (world 2) can no longer be completed after killing the First One
– Fixed blocker during Dicecaster escort
– Fixed quests markers location for World 2 and 3 when opening the map
– Fixed World 3’s Elites HP

If you haven’t played the game yet, you might want to try it out on Steam with a 30% discount.

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