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Killing Floor: Double Feature

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 17 - 2019

All of your Zeds in one handy package.

Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor began life as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, and then got its own stand-alone release. After spending quite some time as a Zed shooting playground for PC gamers, Tripwire released the sequel, Killing Floor 2, on PS4 and earlier this year took the Zed shooting into VR with Killing Floor: Incursion. Now though, from Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver, players are able to get their hands on the Killing Floor: Double Feature, which includes both Killing Floor 2 and Killing Floor: Incursion in one handy bundle, making it so much easier to building up that Zed body count.

kf21 (Copy)

For those who haven’t taken to the Killing Floor yet, the idea is quite simple and one that has been seen before, in games such as Left 4 Dead or the Zombies mode from CoD. An evil organisation provides the back story, resulting in massive infestations of zombies, or Zeds as Killing Floor calls them. Players team up in a co-op fashion in order to take down wave after wave of Zeds, pausing in-between each wave to spend the cash earned from killing Zeds in handy stores on various new weapons and ammo. There are different classes to play as, each with their own play style and benefits when facing down the hordes of Zeds, and the classes can be upgraded as the player progresses.

This is the basic premise of Killing Floor 2, which GGUK played and reviewed back in 2016 (link). Not a lot has changed since the game released, aside from the fact it has grown with a nice variety of different updates and DLC packages that are all included here in the Double Feature, including more maps which is something the game sorely needed. As a co-op zombie shooter for up to six players, or twelve in Vs mode, Killing Floor 2 has excellent shooting mechanics, a frantic feel through some really nice maps, and a compelling gameplay loop for fans of the co-op zombie shooter, which is pretty much exactly as it needs to be. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a co-op zombie shooter, which is absolutely fine by me.

More interesting is the inclusion of Killing Floor: Incursion in this package, a spin off from Killing Floor 2 that was made for Virtual Reality. While the core concept of killing Zeds still stands in Incursion, it is a much more thoughtful experience, especially when it comes to the story. As if perfectly suited to VR, the player takes on the role of an operative who must basically test out a Zed killing VR simulation. The twist is that the simulation has gone slightly pear-shaped and seems intent on killing the player, and dying in the simulation will mean dying in real life. Who said video games weren’t dangerous? Playing through the story, which will take some eight hours or so, will see the player searching for answers as to what is wrong with the simulation. On top of this, the player will also get some welcome background into the whole Killing Floor universe.

kfi1 (Copy)

Incursion is playable alone or in co-op with one other player online. Playing with someone else obviously raises the fun factor, and will make the higher difficulty levels that bit more palatable. Aside from the main campaign mode, Incursion also includes a second mode called Holdout, which is essentially a cut down survival mode for VR. It’s a nice little mode that only becomes more fun when played in co-op, but the real meat of the game is in the campaign.

Incursion was build for VR, not just adapted like many games are, and this really shows in the ways Tripwire Interactive have tweaked the game to suit. While shooters in VR have variable success, Killing Floor: Incursion really does hit the spot well. The most common complaint with VR shooters is the motion sickness that comes from movement, but Incursion has a variety of different options available to the player to try and make the experience slightly less sickening. From the teleporting movement that has become quite commonplace, through to the free movement with added comfort for those that need it, Incursion tries its best to make the game more enjoyable, and mostly succeeds. There may still be some motion sickness for those who are affected, but it all works quite well.

However, it is not just the movement that Tripwire have worked on to make this the best VR experience possible. There are little quality of life features, such as the player actually carrying all of their weapons on their body, and so can easily grab what they need, or the way grabbing something from a table or whatever is just a matter of aim and click. These little features make the game feel much more realistic, while also avoiding the pitfalls of becoming fiddly.

The value of the Killing Floor: Double feature really does depend on the player. Both games are, in my mind, worth being part of everyone’s library, and buying them as a double pack really is the best, and cheapest, way to go. However, that does only apply to players who don’t already have either of the games. Killing Floor is perhaps not as well known on console as it is on PC, so I am sure that there are many players who could benefit from this bundle. But it is likely that the bundle will only be of interest to players who already know how good Killing Floor is.

kfi2 (Copy)

The Killing Floor: Double Feature one hell of a bundle for anyone who enjoys shooting zombies and hasn’t played a Killing Floor game before. There is a huge amount of content here, both in and out of VR, and the gameplay in both games is very well done. While each of the games are set within the same world, they are quite different, so players also get variety. Whether in co-op with a bunch of buddies, or in a VR simulation in VR, Killing Floor: Double Feature really is a great bundle for anyone who enjoys killing Zeds.




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