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My Friend Pedro

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 25 - 2019

I am also friends with an Avocado and a Kumquat, but we don’t need to talk about them.

Of all the fruits, I can understand why developers DeadToast Entertainment would make a game featuring a banana. Exotic fruits aside, the banana is probably the most interesting, and with a name like Pedro, that is proper star quality. Of course, it helps that Pedro acts as a guide of sorts to a masked master of bullet ballet who is not afraid to jump around and spray bullets into bad guts with gleeful abandon. My Friend Pedro, unsurprisingly, is a slightly strange game.

mfp1 (Copy)

Also unsurprisingly, the story in My Friend Pedro is somewhat light on the ground. This is a fast-paced 2D action platformer which revels in putting down enemies as quickly and as stylishly as possible. That being said, there is a story here, involving a talking banana and a masked man who seems to do whatever the banana says. It’s light, it’s quirky and it will give the player as good a reason as they could need to sink themselves into the sumptuous gameplay.

Because this is where the game really shines. Take any action movie with slick, choreographed fight scenes and you will have an idea of what to expect in My Friend Pedro. Though you may start off with a simple pistol and a bunch of less than worrisome bad guys, the action will quickly ramp up to see the player dual-wielding Uzi machine guns while pirouetting through the air, bouncing bullets of surfaces to bring an end to multiple bad guys in a matter of seconds. It is a glorious sight to behold, made even more glorious by the relative ease with which the player can pull these stunts off and feel like a total badass.

The lock on button will help, especially when it comes to the dual-wielding. Running full on into rooms filled with enemies could spell for a very short game, were it not for our hero’s ability to dodge bullets by spinning through the air. It’s a simple move, but so very effective. Being able to make all manner of precise shots, bouncing bullets around to reach partially hidden bad guys, is made so much easier with the focus ability that slows the action down, giving the player a chance to make those really special shots. Add all of these abilities together, and the player is in control of the world’s greatest action movie star.

mfp2 (Copy)

But it doesn’t stop with just shooting people in My Friend Pedro. This is an action game, but also a platformer, and luckily the hero is some kind of Parkour master as well as a gun-toting maniac. Jumping, bouncing off of walls and flipping up to high levels will see the player able to reach pretty much anywhere in the game, and also deal with many of the puzzles presented to slow the player down. There is nothing too tricky here, acting as variety more than anything else. There are even some sequences that change things up completely, such as putting the character on a motorbike. These are great for variety’s sake as the game can get a little repetitive after a while.

But hang on, what about the best bit? There is something almost giddyingly simple and exciting about the ability to kick stuff in My Friend Pedro. It’s not difficult, you kick a bad guy and it hurts them. You kick an object, and it flies across the room. All pretty straight forward. But what about kicking a frying pan into the air and then shooting it so the bullets ricochet off and hit the enemies. Seriously, could there be anything cooler?

An being cool is the name of the game in My Friend Pedro. The levels are fairly short in the game, made up almost of little bite-size portions of action, and it will only take a few hours to complete the game. But that is only part of the story, as the player will be scored on each level, and completing it as stylishly as possible is what leads to the higher scores. Of course, the first time through will see the player at a disadvantage, not knowing what they will face, and so will likely struggle more with the level. But then going back in, knowing where enemies will be and given the chance to plan their approach, this is where the players will get the high scores. With scoreboards and an underlying desire to be as cool as possible, My Friend Pedro has great replayability.

There is very little to complain about in My Friend Pedro. On the Switch, both docked and handheld, the game runs as smooth as silk, which is something you need for a fast-paced action game. I will say that some of the controls can be a little awkward, but that comes down to simply getting used to them I guess.

mfp3 (Copy)

My Friend Pedro has undoubtedly one of the weirdest game set ups, what with the talking banana and all, but once you get past that, the game seems to successfully combine elements of other games into something quite magical. Calling it a bullet ballet should give players an idea of what to expect, but will not prepare them for how cool they will feel as they work through the levels. Become one with the banana and pick up My Friend Pedro.




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