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3D puzzle-adventure game Weakless announced for console and PC

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 24 - 2019

Punk Notion and developer Cubeish Games have announced Weakless, an adventure title coming to PC and concole this fall. Check out the trailer below.


Weakless is an artistic, 3D puzzle-adventure game with stunning organic environments, filled with curious life forms and a bioluminescent glow. The player takes control of two unusual Weavelings – carefree, wooden creatures – and aids them in their unplanned journey. The task won’t be easy, as one of them is deaf, and the other blind. To find their way back home and save their world from the advancing Rot, they will have to cooperate, face their limitations and prove to the world that what’s always been considered a weakness can in fact be a mighty advantage.


Follow the story of an unlikely friendship that develops wordlessly between the stoic Blind One and the energetic Deaf One;

Peek into the Deaf One’s sketchbook and gain a unique insight into what he thinks about this whole ordeal;

Enter the beautiful, organic, bioluminescent world of the Weavelings, filled with curious life forms and mysteries of a bygone civilization waiting to be uncovered;

Get a glimpse of the artistic way that visually impaired and hearing-impaired people perceive the world;

Become a part of non-trivial narratives and satisfying exploration enriched with arcade puzzle elements;

Experience stunning music composed on instruments from all around the world, such as the marimba, rav vast and udu.

Weakless is currently under development. The game is heading to PC and at least one console, launching first on Steam in the Fall this year.

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