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Another Sight (PS4)

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 9 - 2019

Down the rabbit hole once again.

Lunar Great Wall Studios’ fantasy adventure, which takes inspiration from the likes of Alice in Wonderland and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, has finally made its way onto the PS4, giving players a chance to take on the role of a young girl with limited vision and a scruffy cat. Another Sight offers players a fairly unique view of this mysterious world, all while presenting them with tricky puzzles and the occasional famous face.

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Another Sight is one of those games that is built around a core idea, something that has perhaps not been done before. In this case, it is the lack of sight that the young girl Kit finds herself having to deal with, as if falling down a hole into what seems to be a whole new world is not enough to deal with. There have been a couple of other games that have presented the player with a limited view of their surroundings, but Another Sight deals with it in a fairly unique way. Kit can barely see anything around her, which in itself would make for a very frustrating game, especially where platforming and puzzle solving is involved. However, she does have a keen sense of hearing, and so can almost use the sounds around her to give a vague idea of her surroundings. Of course, it also means that making noise can sometimes reveal the solution to a puzzle.

Thankfully, given her sight limitations, Kit is not alone on her adventure. At the very beginning, Kit is joined by a scruffy cat called Hodge. Players are able to switch between the two different characters through their play through, giving them access to both Kit’s unique vision and Hodge’s cat-like agility and ability to see things how they really are. Between Kit’s ability to use devices or open doors, and Hodge being able to jump and climb to reach smaller, inaccessible places, there is nothing stopping this pair from working their way through this fantastical world.

Switching from one character to the other is quite jarring to begin with. Firstly there is the difference between the way each character sees the world around them, with Hodge’s view being exactly as the world would be seen, but Kit’s view taking on an otherworldly, much more limited feel. It is a great mechanic around which to build the game, but it does bring limitations with it. Sometimes it can be quite confusing, as Kit’s world is often looking nothing like Hodge’s. It also means that the player only gets to see the full amount of work that the developers have gone to in creating this fantastical world when playing as Hodge.

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Then there is the way that each character controls. Hodge is a fairly acrobatic cat, moving at a nice pace and able to jump, albeit without a convincing amount of precision, to reach the more difficult areas. When the player switches to Kit though, everything slows down to a snail’s pace. Sure, I get it, Kit cannot see well and so should be moving slowly, but it just doesn’t make for an enjoyable video game. Another Sight is an adventure where the player will have to make use of both characters’ skills in order to proceed, and so will constantly be swapping between them. However, given the choice, most players will stick with playing as the cat as much as they can.

Which is probably for the best, as they can then enjoy what is a very nicely crafted world. The story is a little bit all over the place, but enjoyable nonetheless, and the appearance of certain historical characters is quite enjoyable, as is the development of the relationship between Kit and Hodge. But it really is the world itself, with all of its strangeness, that stands out. One minute, the player could be in some dark, dank sewers, and the next underwater or in a beautiful garden. There really is no lack of imagination to the world that the developers have created here.

Another Sight can be a tricky game. The platforming sections can suffer somewhat due to the lack of precision of the characters. When it comes to the puzzles, the game gradually ramps up the difficulty, giving the player a chance to keep up. However, players will more often find themselves stuck due to simply not knowing what to do in a certain section of the game. Although Another Sight is linear by nature, it is not always obvious, which will leave players occasionally hoping to stumble upon a solution, or reaching for the internet.

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The idea of Kit’s limited vision in Another Sight takes a little getting used to, but still manages to be an excellent game mechanic. Another Sight doesn’t rely on this single trick to keep the player invested though, offering up a nicely crafted world with another viewpoint available throughout. The game doesn’t feel as polished as it could be, especially when it comes to the gameplay, but for those looking for an unusual puzzle platformer on PS4, Another Sight is very much worth looking at.




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