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Pokémon Black/White Version 2

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Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 22 - 2019

Expanding the Attack on Titan 2 experience.

Look, the Attack on Titan Anime was something of a phenomenon when it first appeared on the scene. I mean, what stands out more than giant, naked humanoids attacking the settlements of smaller, clothed Humans? As with all things that become a phenomenon, the fans cried out for a video game and it quickly became so. Then, last year Omega Force launched the sequel, Attack on Titan 2 and proved that hunting naked giants really could be fun. Now, the developers have decided to release the Final Battle DLC, which further expands the game by introducing not only a couple of new gameplay modes, and covering season 3 of the Anime, but also dropping in some ranged weapons to make naked giant fighting that bit more exciting.

aot2fb1 (Copy)

Available as a DLC download or bundled with the original A.O.T.2 game, Final Battle is one for the fans of the anime. While those who have played the core game originally will have been able to experience the story so far from the perspective of their own created character, Final Battle drops in all of the story beats from season 3 through the eyes of already established characters. This gives players the chance to not only get up to date with the goings on in Attack on Titan, but also to spend more time with their favourite characters. Of course, this does create a slight disconnect from the rest of the game, as the player may have already sunk hours into creating their character, and any rewards from these chapters cannot be transferred to the created character, it adds variety to the story side of the game, along with a healthy chunk of new content. Those who are following the anime will be pleased with where the game goes.

But it is not just about new story chapters in Final Battle, as players will also have the joy of being able to use ranged weapons throughout the different modes now. The core gameplay remains very similar, with an impressive sense of freedom as the player zips through the air with grace to reach the weak points of the nude behemoths that threaten their world, before hacking away at these weak points to bring them down. But now players will be able to inflict damage from a distance, adding a certain amount of strategy to the conflicts. The introduction of the Thunder Spear, an incredibly powerful weapon for taking on the Titan menace, is a really nice touch that will get all fans of the show itching to get back into the game.

aot2fb2 (Copy)

Perhaps adding the most value to the Final Battle package is the Territory Recovery mode. Here, players are able to cast aside the story for a more strategic experience in which they will be able to command the scouts and retake areas of the map from the titans. There is more freedom for the player as they recruit a wide selection of different characters and take on different missions. There is a huge amount of depth to this mode, with resources to spend and inventory to manage, along with the difficult decisions of who to include in the team. Do you stick with those who have already built up experience but may be tiring, or fresh faced newcomers? Finding and helping new characters in the field will bring them in as possible options for the players team, but there really is a lot to consider.

So far as content goes, Final Battle is a worthy addition to the core game, and one that veterans of Attack on Titan 2 will get the most from. A.O.T.2 remains very much a game for the fans, and one that newcomers will struggle to get to grips with. That being said, it is undoubtedly the newcomers who will get the best deal when picking up Final Battle, as they will be able to purchase the A.O.T.2: Final Battle Bundle, including both the core game and DLC, for £54.99 or less. Not an unreasonable price for what is essentially a “Game of the Year” edition. However, for the fans and those who have played the game from the start, the only option is to pick up the Final Battle DLC, which sadly comes in at an eye-watering £39.99. It does feel unfair that those who would get the most out of this DLC package have to pay more than the newcomers, slightly souring what is otherwise a great addition to an already good game.

aot2fb3 (Copy)

I must admit I am not really sure what is going on with the pricing of Final Battle as DLC, but I am sure that prices will change over time. For fans of the anime, and those who have already enjoyed the naked giant battles from the core game, Final Battle is well wroth considering for extending the game time and bringing the story more up to date. The new Territory Recovery mode is great, potentially adding hours and hours to the game, and the inclusion of ranged weapons really mixes things up. Anyone who has yet to jump into A.O.T.2 and likes what the game is selling would be well served by picking up the bundle for the best possible version of the game at the moment. But still, fans will have to think long and hard about the cost of Final Battle as DLC before they take the plunge.




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