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The Last of Us Remastered release date Confirmed

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Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Launches on April 21 on Steam Early Access

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 29 - 2019

Back to block building and slime bashing.

Minecraft started a creative revolution for gamers and, thanks to its overwhelming success, spawned a huge number of inspired-by games and clones. While the majority of these are perfectly serviceable, very few are exceptional games in their own right. However, almost out of nowhere, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders came along. Offering a more focussed resource collecting and building experience in a charming and well polished world, Dragon Quest Builders quickly became a favourite amongst both block gatherers and Dragon Quest fans alike. Now, Square Enix have released the sequel over here and it is pretty great.

dqb21 (Copy)

While the first game was a relatively laid back affair that offered plenty to do at the players own pace, there were limitations that could potentially stifle the players creativity, at least in comparison to the games inspiration. However, for the less creative, there was a story, missions to complete and plenty of monsters to fight. Dragon Quest Builders 2 brings much of the same to the table, but grows in size and allows players more freedom in what they can create.

But it all starts with a story, a tale of a world where creativity is actively prevented by the evil forces that happen to be in control. The player takes on the role of a builder, someone who can actually create, who happens to be on a ship filled with monsters. The player is a prisoner, presumably being transported to their demise, but has the chance to learn the very basics by helping out on the ship. Before long, the player will find themselves shipwrecked on an island, along with a couple of other survivors, and so begins their journey of survival and creativity.

dqb22 (Copy)

This first island is a hub island of sorts, somewhere that the player will constantly returns to as they find resources, improve in their building skill, and convince other characters to join them. This is not an adventure that the player will undertake alone, and I am not talking about the community options. The player’s character will be accompanied on their way by other characters, who will try to help with any fighting or resource gathering. While having some help is always appreciated, over time it can become a little more complex in trying to keep track of everyone.

So, from this hub island, players will make their way to other islands where they will not only find different materials, but also various things to do to help these islands. They tend to be themed and will allow the player to learn the ins and outs of everything in the game, with the first island teaching the player all about farming. Dragon Quest Builders 2 doesn’t limit itself to only one genre, and while the gathering of resources and building will play a large part in the game, there is also a touch of survival with the player having to keep their food topped up and find somewhere safe to sleep at night, and plenty of adventure with quirky characters to meet and even some puzzle shrines to find along the way. Throw in a little tower defence style fighting back waves of monsters, and the result is a pretty fully featured game.

The player is slowly introduced to all of the aspects of the game, at a pace that most will be able to keep up with. The core will revolve around collecting materials that can then be used for building things. Pretty much everything can be collected, from the sand and dirt beneath the players feet, through to wood, rock and various things left behind by dead monsters. Many of these basic materials can be used as they are, arranged as blocks to create walls and buildings. But they can also be used as ingredients for recipes, which the player will gradually unlock through the game. Turn wood into a door, for example, or a table, or chest, etc. There is a huge recipe book to fill up, giving players enormous freedom in what they build and how they decorate their settlements. It goes further with requirements leading to certain types of room being built, and blueprints leading to more complex rooms.

dqb23 (Copy)

This sequel is filled with little quality of life improvements, such as increasing the vertical build limit and not forcing players to keep replacing tools or weapons. It is also a much larger game, giving the player different islands to explore and exploit. In almost every way, the game has been improved over the original, even down to the level of charm. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is such a cheerful and fun game, packed with enjoyable characters and loads of really great dialogue.

Players are never alone in the game, with plenty of NPCs turning up to help them on their adventure. However, when creating a masterpiece, part of the fun is in sharing with others. From very early on, players are able to visit the islands of other players and take a look around, or collaborate with some building. Dragon Quest Builders 2 caters well to both the single player and those who like to have friends around.

DQB2 really is a great looking game. The visuals are bright and colourful, being very easy on the eye. This is especially the case when playing on the Switch in handheld mode. However, playing on the small screen does come with a few problems, largely down to writing on the screen being too small to read, which could be a problem when it comes to instructions. The loading times can be somewhat lengthy on Switch, but otherwise the game runs perfectly well on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

dqb24 (Copy)

Dragon Quest Builders was a bit of a surprise when it first arrived, proving to be one of the best “Minecraft-like” games available. Now the sequel is here, and it is better than the original in pretty much every way. Fans of building games will find plenty to enjoy here, and Dragon Quest fans will feel right at home. There really is something for everyone in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Pick it up and get building.




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