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Sairento VR

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 22 - 2019

Futuristic ninja shenanigans abound in VR.

Not every game on PlayStation VR is great, I think we can all agree on that. But for those that have picked up one of Sony’s VR headsets, and a decent game has been played, the possibilities really do present themselves. You play one good game, and then start dreaming of what may be. Then you play another and realise what else the headset is capable of. Before you know it, you have a small library of great games that you can show off to family and friends, and a head full of dreams. For many, one of those dreams may be stepping into Virtual reality as some kind of futuristic ninja, armed with dual swords and dual guns, and the ability to leap around all over the place. Yeah, this dream has just come true with Mixed Realms and Perp Games’ Sairento VR on PSVR. Previously released on PC VR systems to much applaud, Sairento VR now nails the cyber ninja fantasy for PS4 gamers.

sairento1 (Copy)

Set in near-future Japan, the player takes on the role of a member of the Silent Ones, an order of people trained in martial arts. However, conspiracy rears its ugly head, as it so often does, and the player will find themselves fighting their former allies. So far as stories go, Sairento VR is suitably broody, certainly enough to warrant shooting and slicing through hundreds of enemies at least. And let’s face it, does anybody need a reason to be a cyber ninja in VR?

Being an awesome ninja would have to mean having access to loads of awesome weapons, wouldn’t it? Sairento VR makes use of twin Move controllers to allow the player to use both dual swords and dual pistols, but there are also plenty of other cool weapons available, from different guns or a bow and arrow, to futuristic sword-like weapons, giving the player plenty of toys to play with as they cut their way through enemies during the five or so hour campaign. Don’t panic, there is a tutorial that will get players up to speed with the controls.

Which is handy, as the tutorial is desperately needed. The controls in Sairento really do take some getting used to, and until the player has clicked with the controls, they will likely feel like the furthest thing from a cool ninja. But once the controls become second nature, that is when the ballet of bullets, blades and bouncing around really does become a thing of joy.

sairento2 (Copy)

PSVR games tend to take one of two approaches when it comes to movement. They either keep the player still in an attempt to negate any form of motion sickness for new players, or they give the player some form of movement and hope for the best. Sairento VR makes use of the teleporting movement, but treats it more like a jump option of sorts, giving the player an amazing amount of freedom to move around the set pieces both vertically and horizontally. While making use of all that a level offers vertically and horizontally, players will find themselves double or triple jumping, somersaulting, wall running and sliding around. There is no point in just standing and waiting for an enemy to strike, is there? As a cyber ninja, stealth is just as important as being able to cut through swathes of enemies, so being able to leap around like a crazed Gazelle is a big deal. Throw in the ability to slow down time, and players really will feel like a masterful ninja.

The crazy thing is, for all of the movement in Sairento VR, the motion sickness is actually quite minimal. This means that there really is very little reason to stop playing, and aside from the scored campaign missions and the varying levels of difficulty, there are challenges to take care of and even multiplayer, so players will be able to keep feeling like a super cool cyber ninja for a long time to come. Just be aware that there is a fair amount of movement in Sairento VR, and being that it is summer, prepare to get sweaty.

Sairento VR is a really great game. The only real let down is the way the game looks, which is frankly dated. There is a lack of detail running through the entire game that makes it feel far older than it actually is, which can harm any first impressions.

sairento3 (Copy)

It may not look great, but that doesn’t stop Sairento VR from playing like a dream. A great choice of weapons and movement options means that players can approach each encounter exactly how they wish, and while the controls can be a bit finicky, once mastered players can become the cyber ninja they always knew they could be. Another essential PSVR title, Sairento VR is the one of the best VR action games around right now.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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