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Super Mario Maker 2

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 11 - 2019

Making Mario.

While most of us gamers are quite happy to just play our games, quite often over and over again, there are some gamers out there, the more creative ones, that want nothing more than to get into the nitty gritty of their favourite games and make their own. This is why the modding community grew around certain PC games, or why racing fans will spend hours perfecting a unique livery on their car. This is also why Super Mario Maker proved to be so popular back when it first released on Wii U. The chance to make their own levels for Mario would be a difficult thing to pass up. Despite being a success, Super Mario Maker on Wii U turned out to be quite basic, and although the 3DS version made some improvements, it is not until now, with the full sequel, that Mario fans can truly unleash their creativity on Switch. Oh, and those that just want to play are pretty well catered for too.

smm21 (Copy)

The easy interface is pretty much the same as it was before, meaning that returning players will be able to jump in and start playing with all of the cool new stuff without too much faffing. I must say that the forced use of the touchscreen for item placement while the Switch is in handheld mode does make things a little trickier than necessary, especially as using in big screen mode works so well. But that is just a minor niggle that will quickly be forgotten about once the player gets to grips with all of the new gadgets and such.

For those who never tried Super Mario Maker, the core idea is to make your own levels, presumably with the idea that they can be shared with other players. The reality tended to be more a case of making the most difficult level possible just to frustrate as many other players as they can. Sure, a level still has to be completed before it can be shared, just to prove it is not totally impossible, but the real challenge was to get as close to impossible as possible, and make players cry.

Well, there are plenty of new tools in Super Mario Maker 2 that will make it even easier to make other players cry. Whereas the previous version of the game was minimal in its tool offerings, the sequel is plentiful and will lead to so really interesting new levels being created, I am sure. Highlights include on/off switches or swings, and the inclusion of conditions that will force players to play in a certain way, such as not jumping, to complete a level is absolutely devilish. Super Mario 3D World, with its own style and tools, offers a more singular tool set that can lead to very unique levels of its own.

smm22 (Copy)

Of course, once a level has been created and the player has completed it, then it can be uploaded and presented to everyone to try. This means that players are free to browse and download, or stream, a massive amount of levels to enjoy in their own time, trying not to scream too much. There is even a mode that will allow players to play random levels until the run out of lives. For many users though, there will be no finer achievement than creating a level that annoys other players. It’s the nature of the beast.

But then, downloading or streaming other players levels is not the only option for the creatively stunted, as there is also a story mode for the single player. Most user created levels are going to be hard, but the 100 plus levels created by Nintendo for the story mode should not be looked at as being a walkover. While most of the levels, which are all very nicely done, range in difficulty from easy to tough, there are still a few Switch-throwing levels packed in there to keep the player on their toes. This mode even comes with a story to keep the player invested, in which Mario is playing the levels to earn enough coins to rebuild the castle. It really is that simple. However, there is a secret to the story mode that many may miss. The story mode is in fact a tutorial of sorts, gradually introducing the player to all of the different aspects of level creation. Most players will come away knowing how to build a level even if the have no interest at all. That’s the sort of sneaky learning Nintendo excels at.

smm23 (Copy)

Super Mario Maker 2 is one for both fans of the platforming plumber and for those who fancy themselves as creative geniuses. If you want to make your own masterful Mario level, the game has everything you need. If you would rather just play all the levels you could ever possibly want, including a huge number made by Nintendo themselves, then that is just fine too. With a massive number of tools and a simple interface, creators will keep making great levels, and that means that the players will never run out of levels to play. As a sequel Super Mario Maker 2 is bigger and better, and deserves a place in every Switch library.




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