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Fairytale-like rhythm game Wonder Parade coming to Switch and PC

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 15 - 2019

X.D. Network has announced new fairytale-like rhythm game, Wonder Parade made by Studio Quare is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below.


Wonder Parade brings a fresh rhythm game experience with the cute arts and a fairytale-like story mode. The game revolves around a bunch of cute animals on a mysterious planet. You play as their companion, play music with them and explore the unknown region. The stages will also change themes to match the music, candy, Halloween, Ancient Chinese, and any you can think of.

Considering the core rhythm gameplay, here are the words from the developer: “This is a traditional rhythm game, as I intended!” The one-man developer —- Kui manage to make a two-button control scheme that is easy to get your hands on, in the same time, also challenging if you choose to step into higher difficulty.

Wonder Parade has released a mobile version back in 2017, which is having an update and 2 year anniversary 50% discount on August 31st, 2019. The PC and NS version will be an even more improved version of the game, including not only the usual challenges and achievements, but also a story mode, unlockable new characters, and even new animations. Wishlist Wonder Parade on the newly released steam page and find more detail of the game on @XDNetworkTwi and @studioQuare!

What to expect in Wonder Parade:


– Cute and lovely animal characters and artstyle
– Unique, not usually seen but fitting music craft by famous composers from SEGA, KONAMI, TAITO, and many other Japanese game companies
– simple and straight forward two button control but gameplay with depth
– A rich variety of contents including a unique story mode and unlockable characters

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