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East India Company: Privateer

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Tony Hawk: Ride comes with skateboard controller

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System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition currently in Development

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 12 - 2019

Nightdive Studios have announced via Twitter that System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is curently in development.

system shock 2 enhanced edition



“Remember, it is my will that guided you here. It is my will that gave you your cybernetic implants, the only beauty in that meat you call a body. If you value that meat… you will do as I tell you.”

The cult classic sci-fi horror FPS-RPG has returned.

You awake from the cold chill of your cryo-tube to discover cybernetic implants grafted to your flesh and the crew of the starship Von Braun slaughtered. The infected roam the halls, their screams and moans beckoning you to join them as the rogue artificial intelligence known as SHODAN taunts and ridicules your feeble attempt to unravel the horrifying mystery of the derelict starship Von Braun.

Your Training Has Prepared You For This.


Choose from three specialized branches of the military to utilize unique skills, weaponry, and paranormal psionic powers.
Upgrade and enhance your skills to improve hacking, weapon proficiency, and psionic abilities.
Discover cryptic audio logs, encounter ghostly apparitions and conduct research to give you the advantage in combat and unlock exotic weapons and items.
Play with up to three friends in multiplayer co-op (co-op works in Windows only)

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