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Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 8 - 2019

Making my ears look good.

The world of gaming headsets seems to evolve at a glacial pace. Seriously, I have headsets more than ten years old that still perform and sound just as good now as the current crop of ear wear. Sure, audiophiles will argue that the tech has moved on to provide more nuance and far better audio quality. However, for most gamers, any headset from a reputable brand will perform perfectly well. Bells and whistles are nice, such as surround sound and a life without wires, but they all come at a cost and, as for many an expensive gaming headset will quite far down the wish list, most gamers would rather spend that money on new games.

And so we come to the Turtle Beach Recon Spark Headset. Priced as a budget headset, being less than the cost of a triple A game, the Recon Spark headset comes from a reputable, long running headset manufacturer, which will probably be enough to attract many gamers. But what can this new headset do to stand out in the budget headset crowd?


I must admit that I always favour function over fashion. I would not care if a headset looked like two tins of baked beans with string between them, as long as they did what they were supposed to. However, when it came to the Recon Spark headset, I could see that the design would be the main selling point. They really are quite gorgeous. Predominantly white with lavender accents, the cups and headband have a textured finish that made me think of games like Destiny or Overwatch. The headband has Turtle Beach engraved without any additional colour, keeping it understated, and the iconic Turtle Beach palm tree is on the outside of each cup in a non-obtrusive way. The logo is also on the inside of each cup, but no one is going to see that. The cups are set slightly off centre from the headband, which is also very pleasing, and the cable leading to the standard audio jack is also lavender. Finally, the microphone is small and professional looking, with a very enjoyable click as it is rotated into place.

reconspark1 (Copy)

So yeah, the Recon Spark headset really does look nice. But are they comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions? Well, the headband extends a reasonable amount and should cater to most head sizes without causing any pain, and the cups tilt and swivel happily for most head shapes. The padding on the headband is quite small, but didn’t seem to cause a problem. When it comes to the cups, the padding is thick and soft, covered in faux leather for even more comfort. I had no problem wearing the headset during gaming sessions that carried on far longer than is medically advisable. What’s more, for those of us who wear glasses, the headset has been designed with extra soft padding where the spectacle arms would be, preventing the arms from being pressed into the side of the head, and this works very well.

The construction is solid plastic and is of the high standard we have come to expect from Turtle Beach. While I haven’t had the headset long enough to say how durable they will be over time, it is difficult to find any weak points when putting the headset under pressure. The metal strip placed inside the headband will add strength to what is likely the weakest point on the headset. There are other quality of life additions that users would possibly not expect, such as the ear cups twisting to lie flat for storage or transport, and the inclusion of a longer splitter cable for those that need it. There is no noise cancellation on the Recon Spark headset, but the size of the over ear cups and decent padding ensure a tight fit that will block out a lot of ambient background noise.

Okay, fine, what about the actual quality. Well, they work perfectly well as far as I am concerned. The drivers are 40mm and cope wonderfully with all the different sounds found in the most recent games I have been playing. There is enough definition to pick out one noise from another, and even when listening to music I would struggle to find fault. The headset works with anything that has a headphone socket, and so tested great on the PC and with all of the current consoles. The microphone is perhaps a little off, possibly due to its position on the side of the face rather than in front of the mouth, but still managed to perform far better than many of the voices you hear coming across in multiplayer games. The microphone clicks off when twisted away from the face, which is a handy feature, and there is a volume wheel on the left cup, so it is always easy to adjust.

reconspark2 (Copy)

The Recon Spark headset looks great, has some nice features for a low price, and works really well, but what else would you expect from Turtle Beach, even on a budget headset. There will be some gamers who will spend small fortunes on the perfect audio solution for their gaming set up, and they will go on about how much it has improved their experience. But for those who just want their games to sound good while they chat, they may struggle to find a better looking, better quality headset in this price range.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset is priced at around £39.99. Find out more on the Turtle Beach website.




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