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Ghost Recon Future Soldier

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Jewel Master: Cradle of Egypt

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Krome Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for charming Australia-themed videogame, TY the Tasmanian Tiger. The company is seeking $50,000 to bring TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD to the Nintendo Switch. The best part will be the new Switch controls where you can use them like boomerangs to throw and glide. And because it’s on the Switch, you can take it with you – it’s portable! While we’re at it, we’ll improve the graphics and the audio, and of course, we’ll need funds for the various testing costs associated with releasing a product on Nintendo’s console. Passing Lot Check ain’t free ya know.


What Krome Will Spend The Kickstarter Funds On To Remaster TY The Tasmanian Tiger For The Nintendo Switch:

Joycon 6-axis motion control for throwing the rangs, gliding and precision boomeranging!
Screen-space ambient occlusion
Fully dynamic shadows
Color correction and bloom
High definition (HD) art textures for the levels and characters
Improved particle effects
Improved camera
New Gamemode called “Hardcore Mode”
QA testing and problem fixing
Nintendo Lot Check
New TY character skins (a stretch goal feature)
Compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite*  (*requires extra controllers to be able to use the TY motion controls.  i.e. throwing and gliding.)

At this stage, we are intending on releasing the game digital-only in the eStore; in territories governed by the following ratings agencies:

ESRB (The Americas)
PEGI (Europe)
USK (Germany)
ACB (Australia – this should also apply for New Zealand)

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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