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Tartarus Launch Trailer

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Tales of the Neon Sea for PC launches April 30

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CoD: Black Ops III – Seize Glory

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The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 16 - 2019

Something special for the Walking Dead.

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead has become a bit of a thing, hasn’t it. Starting out as a comic book, the series is now also an incredible TV show, and then there is that video game series that started way back in 2012. While the consequence-based adventure game already existed, it was Telltale’s The Walking Dead that really defined the genre and turned Telltale Games into something quite special. Over the years, the seasons kept on coming and, along with a couple of spin offs, players were able to experience Robert Kirkman’s world in an interactive way. However, things took a dive when Telltale Games closed down last year, part way through the fourth season. There was plenty of uncertainty, but then Skybound Entertainment and a team of former Telltale employees in the form of the Still Not Bitten team, came together and finished out the season, giving Clementine’s story the ending it deserved.


Now, we have The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Edition, packing together all of the episodes of each of the seasons, along with the 400 Days DLC that links seasons one and two, and the spin off following Michonne from the main show. This definitive edition also includes loads of extras which will no doubt please the fans of the game, or fans of The Walking Dead itself. However, it is difficult to really spot a market for this title. The problem is that the game has spanned some seven years and there have been so many different ways to already experience it. There have been plenty of opportunities to pick up various episodes for free, and season passes are often on sale. And besides, there are other various collections available, and fans of the game will likely own everything already in one form or another. There are some nice additions to this collection that would make it worth picking up again for anyone who is a fan, but otherwise it is one for the newcomers, and believe me when I say there is no better way to experience Telltale’s masterpiece.

For those coming to the game after playing the odd episode or even complete season, this definitive collection has you covered. Players are able to drop into the game wherever they choose, whichever episode, season or spin off that they left off at. For those who never got to finish the story, that is very handy. However, the true appeal of a collection like this would be in playing it through from start to finish. I would say in one sitting, but given the amount of content here, that would be seriously unwise.

It may seem a little strange to those who never got around to playing the final season, because things will look different. This is down to a graphical overhaul that brings the game in line with the comic books. It’s called Graphic Black and gives the game more contrast. It is quite a difference to how the game originally looked, and will take a little getting used to. Thankfully, players are able to turn the effect off if they wish in the settings, but I would happily bet that most would leave it on as it is really good to look at.


Newcomers may wonder what the game is all about. Well, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead has always been more about the struggles of humanity than the zombie apocalypse, and Telltale have followed through with that. The core seasons of the game follow a young, scared girl Clementine as she faces the new realities of the world around her and grows into a very tough woman. Gameplay is on the light side in the series as players spend their time moving slowly, making narrative choices and pressing buttons quickly for the occasional quick time event. The real star has always been the branching narrative, forcing the player to live with their choices while also presenting an emotional and gripping story.

Some individual episodes are better than others, but the four seasons overall are utterly enjoyable and memorable. With the inclusion of the 400 Days DLC and Michonne’s spin off, which is more than worth it for fans of the TV show, that is a massive amount of play time. Telltale’s The Walking Dead always had a reputation for being a little buggy, but improvements made for this collection certainly seem to have improved the experience. It is still not perfect, but much better.

But what about the bonus content? Well, prepare to be overwhelmed with hours of behind the scenes video featuring both developers and voice actors. Then there is a music player giving access to the songs from the series, and an art gallery featuring 3D models and concept art that is really worth checking out. In all, this is a really worthy collection.


There are some serious reasons not to buy The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, most of which revolve around already owning parts of the series in one form or another. But the world is serious enough already. This collection contains everything from the series, and a whole lot more. With the graphical upgrade, and all of the bonus content, this is a collection that should be picked up out of joy and love. Following Clementine’s story from start to finish should be experienced by all gamers over a certain age, and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is the place to start.




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