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BurgerTime Party!

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 10 - 2019

It’s that old story of being chased by eggs and pickles while trying to make a burger.

It’s amazing really how successful the Nintendo Switch is as a hybrid console. Not only does it work as well out and about as it does as a full home console, but it is also home to just as many small, almost mobile games as it is triple-A epic titles. Take G-Mode’s recently released BurgerTime Party! Despite being the latest incarnation of a really old game, this action arcade game looks as though it would have been right at home on one app store or another. However, put it on the Switch and you have big screen burger building antics alongside handheld co-op confusion. And of course, who wouldn’t want to send a pickle to its death on the Switch. Some things just have to be done.


With origins in the dark ages of the eighties, BurgerTime Party! is an arcade puzzle game with the player taking control of Peter Pepper as he runs along platforms and climbs up ladders in order to run across various giant burger ingredients, making them tumble to the ground to create full on burgers. Throw in some evil food that will try to catch Peter Pepper, and you have the recipe for not just a flavoursome meal, but a good time as well.

So the basics are simple. Run across the bottom of the bun to make it drop, then the patty itself, followed by the bun top to make a delicious patty and score some points. The solo mode includes a huge number of levels, but they very quickly get far more complex than just a burger in a roll. Before long, different ingredients are introduced, along with a selection of evil food that will try to hunt down Peter. Levels take on a more puzzling aspect as the player tried to work out the optimum way to create these food stuffs while also achieving the highest score possible through creating combos of falling foods and even trapping the evil foods by making them drop with the burger ingredients. This will require the player to learn the different behaviours of the different foods, with some being far more intelligent than others. Various other complications come along, such as ice or switches to get the player thinking on their feet. There are also challenge levels that become available, offering an even more old school way to play the game. It’s all very silly, but surprisingly good fun.

The single player mode is probably the most puzzling, but that is not where the game ends. After spending some time in solo mode, players will unlock the chance to try some new modes with other players. This is a party after all, and what is a party without other players. The co-op mode offers bigger screens with more ingredients and more enemies, and allows up to four players to team up and make burgers. This mode is playable alone, and can be quite enjoyable, but the real fun comes with other players and all of the chaos that means.


Which lines up great for the competitive mode, in which some players will take on the role of Peter Pepper, while others will actually play as the evil food. Nothing like being an evil pickle, I can tell you. Things are a little different here, with special abilities coming into play, but it is a great way to get revenge on that player who messed up the co-op round. Again, it is all good fun.

All of this arcade action would be far less entertaining without a cool arcade visual style. BurgerTime Party! is a bright and colourful game that looks just as good on the big screen as in handheld mode. The game has a cartoon-like feel to it, and the characters on screen almost have a retro animation style, similar to that of Cuphead, making them quite interesting to look at. Of course, there is only so much you can look at an evil frankfurter before it starts messing with your head.

There are a few problems that stand in the way of BurgerTime Party! being the ultimate burger-making party game though. Perhaps the biggest problem, and this is something I come across more and more on the Switch, is that playing in handheld mode becomes more difficult due to the size of the screen. When things are getting frantic, it can be quite difficult to see what is actually going on. More of a disappointment is the lack of online play. Local co-op and multiplayer is great, but being able to team up with others not around me would have been a great addition. Still, online leader boards mean that players can still measure their success against others.


BurgerTime Party! is a new take on a really old game. While the core action remains as exciting and compelling as ever, the addition of co-op and vs modes will bring people together. The visual style is just great, and the arcade music really keeps the action moving. Online play would have been nice, and the on screen chaos can make handheld mode a little tricky. Otherwise, fans of the classic BurgerTime or those looking for some arcade action will be well served by BurgerTime Party!




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