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Cat Quest II

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 3 - 2019

Cats always seem to be on a quest.

Okay, I admit it. I am not a cat person. While I hold no grudge against them as such, dogs are much more my thing, and as sworn enemies to cats, I feel I should support them in their struggles. As you can imagine, I was not holding much interest in The Gentlebros Cat Quest II, an action RPG which unsurprisingly revolved around cats. It turns out that I had quite a blast with Cat Quest II and I don’t have to feel like I betrayed my canine companions as the game also featured dogs.


It goes without saying that Cat Quest II is a sequel. Fans of the first game will feel at home in the sequel, but those who are new to the Cat Quest games need not fear as the story and characters are different. Players will be able to drop in and pick up what is going on with no problem whatsoever. Of course, playing the first game does mean that you will be ready for the onslaught of puns though.

The biggest difference for those returning players will be that their feline hero is no longer alone. The light story that moves the game forward explains that Felingard and the Lupus Empire, a land of cats and a land of dogs to you and me, are heading to war and it will take the previous rulers teaming up to prevent this. The result is a cat and a dog hero. While playing solo, the other character will be controlled by the AI and support the player as best it can. The real joy comes with Cat Quest II being playable in co-op. A second player can just drop in and take control of the other hero, making the game a whole lot easier. This is a game built for co-op fun, and the cute aesthetic and ongoing humour means that it really is ideal for family fun. The action can get a little chaotic, and so really young players may struggle a bit, but the game is so adorable that all of the family we be able to play and enjoy it.

For the more seasoned gamers, Cat Quest II has a nostalgic feeling hiding under the cute and pun-filled exterior. Players will be given a massive map to explore on their adventure, covering both the land of cats and that of dogs. Filled with villages, cities, caves and dungeons, there is always plenty to do. Rushing through the main story missions may leave the player a little underpowered before long, but there are an abundance of side quests to pick up along the way, with some of them having multiple branches and being quite complex in themselves. The dungeons hold multiple secrets and loads of loot, and handily will let the player know once they have been completely cleared out.


The overworld map, along with the dungeons and the like, will throw up plenty of opportunities for the player, and their friend if they wish, to get into battle. Players have options in how they set up their character, and can choose to either use ranged attacks with a wand or whatever, or stick with melee. There are a massive number of different weapons to find in the game, along with other equipment, that will improve the hero and make them more capable. The most sensible course would be to take one ranged and one melee character in the party. While in co-op, players would be able to work together and support each others different type of attacks, as spell casters are weaker. Solo is a slightly different story though as the AI is not so smart and will often simply rush into trouble.

The hero has a simple attack button, but also has access to a small selection of different spells that use mana, which is replenished through attacking. Again, plenty of spells are available in the game, although players will have to work hard to find these often well hidden treasures. Perhaps the most important action for either of the heroes is the dodge roll. When monsters are about to do damage, a red marker will appear and the heroes will have to get out of the way quick or take damage. The roll is great for getting out of the way, but can even be used as an attack later in the game, marking its importance in the game.

Aside from the questionable AI, the only real downside to Cat Quest II is how repetitive it is. The draw of becoming more powerful, finding new weapons and unlocking new spells only works so far. As with most things, playing the game with someone else keeps it fresh for much longer, and being able to continue once your gaming partner has quit makes it a lot easier as well.

The visuals really are top notch, offering a bright and colourful world to explore, filled with expertly animated creatures and characters. There is something about the cute, anthropomorphic animals that is an instant appeal, although some gamers may find the style too childish for their gaming time. Also, the puns are great and will put a smile on the players face to start with, but this can quickly turn to eye-rolling.


Cat Quest II is a light-hearted game that is easy to understand and easy to enjoy. With an abundance of cuteness, a healthy dose of humour, and plenty of places to explore and things to do, there are hours of fun to be had here. While repetition could creep in, the great co-op play can keep it at bay. Whether a cat lover or a member of team dog, fans of action RPGs should give Cat Quest II a try.




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