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Children Of Morta

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 23 - 2019

The family who fights Corruption together, stays together.

Becoming part of the family business is often an easy route for children to take. Most of the time they have been bought up around the business, so already know what it entails, and they are pretty much guaranteed the job. However, when it comes to the Bergsons, the stars of Dead Mage’s roguelike hack ’n slash Children of Morta, and that family business involves heading into dangerous dungeons and fighting monsters, well, I think I would take my chances at a fast food restaurant.


The Bergsons are a fairly regular family. That is, until the Corruption arrives in the land and starts unleashing monsters. As a family that is uniquely suited to fighting these monsters and getting to the core of the problem, the Bergsons will have to take it upon them selves to get things sorted out, with the players help, of course.

Children of Morta is a roguelike dungeon hack ’n slash with gameplay that is not too different from games like Diablo. The player will take a member of the Bergson family into a dungeon and fight off everything that the dungeon throws at them, gathering precious gold and experience along the way. The monsters in the dungeons can be overwhelming and, at least in the beginning, trips to the dungeon will be short and often end in defeat, no matter which family member the player chooses. Little treasures that have been picked up in the dungeon, which offer random buffs to help the player, will be left behind on defeat. However, gold and experience carries on, and so with each trip into the dungeon, the characters will become more powerful.

There are several members of the Bergson family, and each of them have different abilities that tie them into a wide range of what would usually be called character classes. There is a strong warrior, an archer, a fire mage, and more. Each of these characters will play differently from one another, and so players may find they prefer one character over another. However, this really is a family affair, as the player will struggle if they try to use just one character. Firstly, an often used character will become fatigued and suffer negative effects, such as lower health. Secondly, each character will unlock buffs as they progress that will affect the entire family, and so switching to different characters, even if it is only to grind and level up, will make all of the characters better.


Upgrading characters back at the house is also fun for the whole family, as the various passive upgrades carry across all of the characters. Individual characters do level up themselves as well, unlocking new skills and abilities, and so each trip to the dungeon with each character will go towards making not just the character involved more powerful, but also the family as a whole. It’s a nice system that doesn’t punish as much as many Roguelikes, keeping the player invested in the adventure.

Aside from the different characters and the way they all improve together, much of the gameplay will be familiar to fans of this genre. Monsters come thick and fast, the layout of the dungeons keeps changing, and the boss battles can be brutal, unless the player picks up the right random buff. The big difference with Children of Morta is what happens outside of the dungeons. It is here that the player will learn more about the Bergson family and be treated to often touching tales of family life. Players will come to care for each member of this extraordinary, yet relatable family as an excellent narrator spins tale after tale in-between trips down the dungeons, and often these tales will result in something that affects the gameplay, such as the unlocking of a new character. It takes the sting out of failing in a dungeon to know that the player will be treated to more of the ongoing Bergson saga.

Visually, Children of Morta uses a detailed sprite-work that looks really nice on the big screen. The characters are easily identifiable, an important consideration when being overwhelmed by monsters, and the dungeons themselves are varied and easy to navigate. The house that serves as the family hub when outside of the dungeon is filled with detail and character, feeling like a real family home. In all, it is a good looking game.


Children of Morta will send the player down a dungeon to fight monsters and collect gold as well as most other games of this type. However, the game also has charm, and that is down to the Bergson family. They will make the player want to do better. With excellent visuals and the type of gameplay that will suck players in, Children of Morta is one of the best games of this genre, and highly recommended.




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