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Felix The Reaper

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 17 - 2019

A puzzle game featuring a music-loving bringer of death.

Anyone who follows the Supernatural adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester will know not to mess with Reapers. As cosmic caretakers working for Death, they are a pretty serious bunch. However, there is always an exception to the rule, and so we come to Felix the Reaper, a puzzle adventure from developers Kong Orange. This particular Reaper is a far cry from the imposing bringers of death we may expect, and he really seems to enjoy dancing.


Felix is a reaper, working for the Ministry of Death. His job involves making sure that certain people meet their demise exactly how they should, and it involves Felix travelling through history to all manner of interesting places. For the purposes of the game, this means Felix plotting and ensuring the death of a small group of people in different time periods, and making sure it all goes smoothly.

While Felix’s competency at his job will come down to the player, Felix doesn’t seem to mind his grim reaping. Looking like a cross between a Destiny villain and the inflatable thing from Big Hero Six, Felix will just get on with the job. That being said, Felix just loves listening to music and dancing around while going about his business, so maybe it is the music that keeps him going. In fact, nothing will get done until Felix presses play on his Walkman. With the music playing, Felix can get on with work. Besides the music, Felix has one other thing that keeps him moving – Betty the Maiden. Betty works for the Ministry of Life and Felix is totally in love with her. His hope is that his reaping will catch her attention and allow their paths to cross, giving him the perfect opportunity to show off his dance moves and maybe capture her heart. It is kind of sweet really. Even Reapers deserve love.

Whether or not Felix will meet his sweetheart and find love will come down to the player and how well they can negotiate shadows. Players will have to work their way through levels, setting up the perfect set of circumstances that will lead to a death. This will mean moving objects and making sure everything is just right, before moving on to the next level to continue the set up. All sounds quite easy, doesn’t it?


The main problem comes from the fact that Felix cannot walk in the light. He is a Reaper after all. So the big deal here is not so much which objects to interact with, although at times it can be a bit tricky to work out, but more about how to get Felix to them. Each level is presented as a grid, and Felix can only move in the shadows. The movement is as simple, or difficult, as moving a cursor to select where Felix will move to and then watching him bop his way over. Getting to the right place may mean having to move the shadows, or create more. To this end, Felix is able to manipulate the time of day, having the sun move position and thus create or move shadows. It’s a simple mechanic to understand, but really does lead to some head scratching puzzles. Felix is also able to stack things in order to create more shadows, opening up new paths.

Despite Felix’s jovial nature, the game can get quite tricky. Thankfully, there is a great help system in place, going so far as to show what Felix next needs to interact with or where to move it, ensuring that puzzle players of all levels can enjoy Felix the Reaper. While it may just be a case of completing the puzzle to move on, there are additional optional challenges, such as completing the puzzle in less than a certain number of moves, that will keep the player coming back and trying to refine their methods. Then there are even trickier versions of the completed levels for the player to try, although these really are for the more hardcore puzzle gamers. These levels are quite different and offer no help system at all, leaving the player completely on their own.

Felix the Reaper has a lot of charm, and the puzzles are quite engaging as well. However, it is not without its problems. The whole cursor movement thing suggests that the game was originally developed for PC and really is not the easiest to use, especially when playing in handheld mode. Add to this that the camera can be zoomed in and out, making the cursor even more difficult to see, and avoidable mistakes will be made. Also, while the collection of basic levels are bolstered by the more difficult versions and bonus levels, the game is still quite short and a few more core levels would have been really nice.


Felix loves his music, and watching him dance around a difficult level is an absolute joy. Felix is a great character, and the developers have done a wonderful job with the level design and the visuals. The game is also undeniably charming, making even the toughest of levels forgivable. While there are a few niggles, fans of puzzle games or dancing bringers of death should give Felix the Reaper a try.




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