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Luigi’s Mansion 3

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 29 - 2019

Who you gonna call? A plumber of course.

I’ve decided, Luigi is a real hero. While his famous brother Mario will run head long into danger or any sort of challenge with a positive attitude and a sense of well-being, Luigi is nearly always reluctant and permanently scared. Yet still he pushes through to do his part. Take this latest adventure in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Luigi just wanted a holiday, but now is stuck facing more spooks to save his friends. He’s scared, but it’s got to be done. That’s proper hero stuff.


So Luigi, along with Mario, Peach and a couple of Toads, are invited to spend some time at a luxurious hotel. Everyone needs a holiday, right? However, as is often the case with anything involving the plumber brothers, it turned out to be a trap and Luigi’s companions are now being held prisoner in this sizeable haunted hotel. It will come down to Luigi, and the player of course, to get their ghostbuster on and vanquish these spooks in order to save his friends.

So, gone is the mansion, or mansions, replaced by an epic hotel where each floor has its own theme. Luigi will have to travel through each floor, solving puzzles and battling ghosts, in order to find the buttons for the elevator that will let him travel to the next floor. There is a real sense of wonder as Luigi enters each new floor, as they are so widely themed that finding out what will be going on in the nest floor is a real highlight. Of course, there are the standard hotel style rooms, but things start to get stranger when Luigi finds floors themed around medieval, pyramid and even overgrown jungle settings, all in a luxury hotel. It may be bizarre, but it keeps the player guessing and adds great variety to the game.

In order to deal with these annoying ghosties, Luigi will have a selection of tools available. The standard method of dealing with a ghost involves stunning them with Luigi’s flash light and then sucking them up with his ghost-catching hoover. This is all fairly standard to Luigi fans, but this time around Luigi is able to slam the ghosts around while sucking them up, doing far more damage to them while also doing damage to anything in the vicinity. This plays into the whole “destroy everything” feel of the game, which is very similar to that of the LEGO games. Solutions to puzzles and collectibles, such as the gems to be found in each level, could be hidden anywhere and the player will run around, sucking on anything that is not nailed down with their vacuum cleaner in order to find them. Hell, even if they are nailed down, there is a solution.


Luigi is a plumber after all, so it should come as no surprise that he carries a plunger with him. This turns out to be quite the useful tool in the fight against ghosts, as Luigi can stick it to things and then dislodge them, be them hidden doorways or ghostly shields. Perhaps the best of Luigi’s tools is his green doppelgänger Gooigi. A click of the right stick will see Gooigi, a green, jelly-like substance that takes Luigi’s form, become available to control. While Gooigi can be controlled by a second player in co-op, he can also be controlled in single player and is able to move through bars or grates to reach other areas, or even work with Luigi to progress. Water is not Gooigi’s friend though, leading to yet more puzzle conundrums.

The puzzles in the game mostly consist of trying to find something, or a way to reach something, and generally don’t require too much head-scratching as long as the player keeps in mind everything that Luigi can do. The real challenge comes from the varied and colourful boss battles that cap each of the floors. There is an incredible amount of imagination to these boss battles, with each one forcing the player to work out new tactics and treating the player to a great new set up. There is a lot of humour in the game, and much of this comes through with the boss battles.

Humour also comes from the expressions on the faces of everyone in the game. The visuals in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are probably the best so far on Switch, with the game looking absolutely stunning, like some kind of animated movie. Despite the ghostly theme, it is bright and colourful, and incredibly smooth. But it is the look on Luigi’s face that really sells not only how Luigi is feeling, but the whole quality of the game. It really is quite flawless, even down to the smallest detail.

With all of the collectibles, both gems and ghosts to find, there is plenty of reason to keep coming back for more, even once the main adventure is complete. There is even the chance for multiplayer with up to eight people online, but this is much more of a distraction than a solid offering. There is fun to be had, but the meat and bones are in the single player game. The only real criticism I can find with the game comes down to the controls. Left stick moves Luigi, while right stick aims the ghost vacuum. However, it doesn’t aim the vacuum in a twin stick manner, and really does take some getting used to. Also, switching to Gooigi while in a tense boss fight due to being a little heavy handed is really inconvenient.


At this time of year, developers and publishers seem intent on forcing us to play scary games, which is fine I guess. However, Nintendo have taken another approach to Halloween this year by offering a charming, fun-filled adventure that just happens to involve ghosts. Luigi’s Mansion 3 may not take place in a mansion this time, but it still manages to be one of the best looking games on Switch, and a whole bundle of ghost-catching fun too. Accept Luigi for the hero that he is and help him save the day in Luigi’s Mansion 3.




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