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Disgaea 4 Complete+

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 4 - 2019

It’s a massive package of strategic RPG goodness, Dood.

Originally launching back in 2011, Disgaea 4 is the latest of Nippon Ichi’s tactical RPGs to be given the “complete” release and dropped onto the Nintendo Switch, following Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 5. Obviously, launching on the Nintendo Switch brings a whole new audience to these quirky games, but for long time fans of the Disgaea games Disgaea 4 Complete+ also launches on the PS4, giving players on that platform a chance to enjoy the best and most complete version of this game currently available.


For those new to the series, things are about to get a little strange.

The Disgaea games have always been odd, and Disgaea 4 Complete+ is no different. Set in the Netherworld, the player will take on the role of a vampire who has somewhat fallen from grace. Part of this drop in power and position comes from his vow to no longer feed on Human blood, which is fair enough. Rather than a position of power, Valvatorez now spends his days training Prinnies, those strange penguin-looking creatures that finish every sentence with “Dood”. While content with his place, things take a change when the government of Hades, the Corrupternment, threaten the Prinnies. Along with his sidekick Fenrich, Valvatorez decides enough is enough and plots to overthrow the Corrupternment.

If, after reading that, you are wondering just how serious Disgaea 4 Complete+ is, well, the answer is not a lot. This is part of the charm though, and the game really throws itself into the concept of being as unserious as possible. There are so many quirks about the game that part of the appeal is finding out what weirdness is going to come up next. The cast of characters are all just as quirky and fun to experience, and while some may be put off by the constant humour and the strangeness of the story, others will find this to be the highlight that keeps them coming back for more. The Disgaea games have always had a “Marmite” effect with gamers either loving or hating them, but for those who do love them, there is a lot here to love.


Most of the players time will be spent in the thoroughly enjoyable tactical battles. These take place on grids and the player will be able to move and act with the members of their party. This party will be made up of different characters in a variety of classes that the player has recruited along the way. At its most basic, the combat encounters will be familiar to anyone who has played a strategic RPG before. But, in keeping with the quirkiness of the game, there is so much more to the combat in Disgaea 4, such as being able to stack characters on top of other characters for various bonuses, and then throw them if they desire. Geo Blocks and Geo Panels add further wrinkles to the formula, providing buffs or debuffs to various characters in the battle. These give rise to further strategy as the player can use them to their advantage.

There is a huge amount to learn in the game, and while there are tutorials for pretty much everything, it can be difficult to grasp. This can be a stumbling block for new players, especially if there is a system that they fail to click with early on and then hit a roadblock. For the most part though, the systems in the game will become more natural as the player continues to play, so an investment of time will be essential.

Considering how long Disgaea 4 could potentially last, that could be a sizeable investment of time. The game just doesn’t seem to end, easily capable of running into hundreds of hours. Aside from the main storyline and the associated encounters and exploration, there is so much more to do. A lot of this will come from the amazing randomised dungeons that are associated with the various items that the player can equip. Known as the Item World, this becomes available early on in the game and allows players to work their way through random dungeons for any item of equipment in the game, potentially improving that item if the player performs well in the dungeon. If you consider the number of items in the game, that is a massive amount of extra content for the player to work through, and it is incredibly satisfying too as it will result in better, more powerful characters. It’s a great idea.


There is so much more going on. Players will be able to try and pass bills within the senate, along with having to “convince” senators to back your bills, to improve facilities. The amazing thing is that, despite all of the various quirks and systems in place, they all work well together to make for an incredibly enjoyable game, once they have settled with the player. Those that invest the time will be rewarded.

Playing Disgaea 4 would be an undertaking in itself, but this being the complete edition means that all of the additional content and DLC has been included as well. There are also some quality of life improvements, such as regular auto saving and the cheat shop, make the game that bit easier to enjoy. The visuals have also been beefed up for this release, resulting in a game that doesn’t look out of place on the PS4, despite its age. Disgaea 4 Complete+ looks amazing.


Those who have played Disgaea 4 in the past will have to think carefully about picking this up. It is the best version of the game so far, and certainly with the most content. But for newcomers, those who have perhaps only recently started their Disgaea journey with Disgaea 5, or dropped in with Disgaea 1 Complete, they will already know roughly what to expect. It is not as accessible as Disgaea 5 was, but far more complex than Disgaea 1. Those who have never played a Disgaea game in any form will find a quirky, complex, strategic RPG with an intimidating amount of content. If that sounds good, then check it out, Dood.




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