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GiiKER Supercube i3 Special Edition

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 20 - 2019

A Bluetooth enabled Speed Cube.

I am old enough to remember when the Rubik’s Cube first hit stores. My gran used to be obsessed with them, collecting all manner of different shapes and sizes over the years. Personally, I was never really bothered by them, but I had respect for the kids that would appear on TV shows and solve a scrambled cube in mere seconds. I also remember that these puzzle cubes seemed to have a rebirth a few years back, but since then I assumed that they had simply fallen out of grace again. However, just recently the GiiKER Supercube i3 Special Edition landed on my desk and, in an effort to understand what the hell a Supercube was, I discovered not only that the puzzle cube was still going strong, but that there was also a whole community using strange words that I didn’t understand dedicated to what I always thought was just a toy. I must admit that I was lost.


For most people who played with the original Rubik’s Cube, simply solving the damn puzzle after some evil person had scrambled it all up would be a highlight. However, for certain users it became all about the speed. Nowadays, these puzzles are known as Speed Cubes and the most important thing is solving the puzzle in the shortest time. While the GiiKER Supercube would be an interesting novelty for any puzzle solver, it is really these Speedcubers that the device is aimed at as they will get far more from it than any simple passer-by.

Packaged in a sturdy box, the main component of the Supercube is the cube itself. Now I couldn’t say what an experienced speedcuber would be looking for in a cube, but I can’t really see any fault in the device. Anyone who has ever seen a Rubik’s Cube will recognise the form, a 3x3x3 puzzle with six sides in different colours. The colours seem bright but are otherwise unremarkable. The edges are reasonably soft, and the stickers have some unusual curving to them that prevent them being fully uniform. It twists and turns really nicely, and has a quite soothing clicky noise as the sides realign, which I assume comes from the magnets inside. The only other things of note about the cube is that there is a “G” logo on the centre yellow, and the centre blue and green have mysterious little holes.

As a simple Speed Cube, the GiiKER Supercube seems perfectly acceptable, at least to my uneducated eyes. However, this is far more than a simple Speed Cube as it can make a Speed Cube master out of anyone. The Supercube is actually an electronic device and can connect to the users phone via Bluetooth, where a dedicated app will allow the user to have all sorts of fun. More on this in a moment. First, what else is in the box?

Well, there is a manual, although it is quite limited. More exciting is the charger. This looks like a pair of headphones that the cube can wear, lining up with those mysterious little holes. Underneath one of the little plastic headphones is a Micro USB socket to plug in a cable, and a cable is included in the box. Hurrah! Now then, in a stroke of design genius, someone must have realised that the cube wearing the charger looked like a head with headphones on, and so also in the box is a stand which looks like a small body, with legs stretching out and arms leaning back. The end result is a cube headed being relaxing while listening to music, and wouldn’t look out of place on anyone’s desk. As an added bonus, the body can also be used as a phone stand.


So, the Supercube is Bluetooth enabled and connects with an app on the users phone. This connection is fairly straight forward as turning any face of the cube will wake it up and then the app will try to detect nearby cubes. Once connected, that’s when the magic happens.

The app was a number of different options. There is a hefty tutorial for example which, to be honest, is incredibly boring. More interesting is the solver which, thanks to the ability of the app to track the faces of the cube, will show the user how to solve the cube, no matter how messed up it is. There is also a handy timer which will start as soon as a face is moved and then track how quickly the cube is solved and with how many moves. Ideal for users trying to improve their PB. There are a selection of pattern challenges in which the user will follow instruction recreate certain patterns on the cube. Then we have a selection of four games that mostly involve moving the right face as quickly as possible, including one game that is reminiscent of Guitar Hero. Truly bizarre. Finally there is a battle mode in which players can compete with others to follow the on-screen instructions.

To be honest, most of the modes are fun for a little play, but then usually require hitting the solver to work out how to get the cube back to a solved state so it looks nicer on the desk. For the more serious users though, there would be a lot to enjoy here. The stats are a nice touch and I am sure that the various games would be ideal for improving speeds and the like. Despite my obvious lack of understanding, the Supercube is kind of cool.

The app though is another matter. While it does everything I would imagine it needs to, it does seem to be a little unstable on my iPhone with the most recent updates. It crashes quite frequently and then can struggle to start again, which is a real shame. I am sure that experiences will vary, but it is something to be aware of nonetheless.


Strange things land on my desk all the time, but this is one of the most unusual. As someone who didn’t even know Speed Cubes were a thing a couple of weeks ago, the GiiKER Supercube i3SE is certainly a fun little gadget. For the more experienced, and those who do obsess over shaving seconds from their times, I would say it is a solid cube with some interesting functionality. Either way, with the gift-giving season nearly upon us, those looking for something unusual but entertaining should take a look at the GiiKER Supercube i3SE.

The GiiKER Supercube i3SE is currently available on Amazon, priced at £34.99.


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