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My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 13 - 2019

Is that a Pac-Man in your pocket?

‘Tis the season, ho ho ho and all that. The time to start buying gifts is rapidly approaching, and gamers will require gaming themed gifts. From whatever title that a gamer may have missed through the year, to character themed holiday jumpers, there is always plenty to choose from. However, last year GGUK got all excited about the My Arcade Micro Player Retro Arcade Machines, awesome mini arcade cabinets that not only looked great on any desk, but also featured fully playable retro arcade games. They are still around and would make a great gift for any gamer. This year though, My Arcade are offering something far more portable with the Pac-Man Pocket Player.


Let’s be honest, most gamers would have, at some point in their gaming past, owned some kind of portable gaming device. Sure, younger gamers would have had access to Nintendo or Sony’s handhelds. But go back a little further into the dark ages, and Nintendo’s Game and Watch was the answer to portable gaming, offering a simple game in a gloriously crafted handheld package. Those days are gone now, but My Arcade wants to keep the spirit alive with their Pocket Player games. These little handheld machines come in a variety of different flavours, including the likes of Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug and Galaga, although it does seem that at this time the UK is limited to the Pac-Man version. Never mind, who doesn’t like Pac-Man?

The Pocket Player comes in a nice box to keep it safe in transit, and includes a wrist strap and manual alongside the actual portable gaming system. It requires four AAA batteries to operate, or a micro-USB cable which is not included. Battery life is pretty good from what I have seen. The unit itself is very well made from a matt finish hard plastic, which is yellow on the front and black on the rear. The top side is where the user will find the power button, a volume control and the Micro-USB port. The bottom has a headphone socket. The face features the game screen in the centre, a circular d-pad and speaker on the left, and reset, start, A and B buttons on the right. There is also a Pac-Man logo on the left and a Pac-Man graphic on the right.


In all, it is a nice looking machine. It certainly feels much more solid than it looks, and I must admit I am not a fan of the circle d-pad, but once you start playing it is okay. The buttons are nice and clicky, and sound is well projected through the front face speaker. The wrist strap attaches to the bottom left corner of the unit, providing a little security against droppage.

When it comes to playing, the 2.75″ screen bursts into life when the power button is pushed. The first thing the player will have to do is pick which game to play, as this Pocket Player includes three different titles. Of course, classic Pac-Man is the star of the show, and players will be able to drop their coins in with a press of the A button and then start with all of the familiar sights and sounds. There is something amazingly compelling about eating dots and avoiding ghosts even now, nearly forty years after Pac-Man originally launched in arcades.

The Pocket Player is the gift that keeps on giving though, and also includes Pac-Panic and Pac-Mania for players to enjoy. While Pac-Mania offers a 3D interpretation of Pac-Man, Pac-Panic is a puzzle game with blocks dropping from the top of the screen. Both games are fun to play, although neither really hold a candle to classic Pac-Man. All of the games are well displayed on the small screen and play just as well as you would expect.


Whether as a nostalgic hit for the older gamer, or an introduction to retro gaming for the youngsters, the My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player, which is currently available through Amazon for around £25, will make a great gift. As a massive Bub and Bob fan, I can’t wait for the Bubble Bobble Pocket Player to become available over here. The Pocket Player may not quite have the same sense of cool that the mini arcade machines have, but for a quick dose of retro Pac-Man action while out and about, this would be the perfect solution.




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