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New Super Lucky’s Tale

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 22 - 2019

A charm-filled platformer with more than a few tweaks.

The Nintendo Switch has become something of a port machine. While new games are frequently being released on Nintendo’s latest console, a huge proportion of the library is made up with older games that have been ported over to the Switch. While the appeal of an older game on the newer console will be entirely down to the player, some of these ports shine brighter than others due to the effort that the developer has put in. Some games may be carbon copies of the original, while others will be more “Game of the Year” in style, bundling in all manner of extra stuff. The there are games like Playful Studios’ Super Lucky’s Tale, a game that launched only a couple of years ago on other consoles, that has been so substantially improved for the Nintendo Switch launch that it needs to be known as New. Rather than a quick cash grab on the new platform, New Super Lucky’s Tale at times feels like a whole new game, and for that the developers should be applauded. Not that Super Lucky’s Tale was a bad game in the first place, but on Switch the game feels like it has found its perfect home and evolved into its very best version. The fact that it involves a cute fox is just the cherry on the cake.


Nintendo players may not have had the chance to play Super Lucky’s Tale during its original outing, but they will likely know what to expect. New Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer of the style that Nintendo consoles are well know for. In this particular instance, the player is cast as a cute little fox called Lucky that has been tasked with finding pages from the Book of Ages, a particularly magical book that the evil Jinx is trying to steal. While the story side of things may sound like the usual nonsensical stuff that players would expect from a platforming game, it is actually more interesting thanks to a cast of loveable characters and the way they interact. New Super Lucky’s Tale is a wonderfully comical game in a family friendly way that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone who can hold a Joy-Con.

Through the course of the game, players will move from one level to the next, trying to collect stuff along the way, as is the norm for platforming games. Along with the pages from the book, they will also be looking for coins and the letters that make up Lucky’s name. All of the collecting has a purpose, unlike in the original when it first launched, so everything feels worthwhile and the appeal of going back to find things that the player has missed will keep the game going far beyond the 8-10 hour play time.

To facilitate all of this collecting, Lucky will be running, jumping, spinning his tail and burrowing under the ground. The variety of the moves is limited in the game, but this likely works in the games’ favour as it keeps everything simple and keeps the player focused on actually having fun rather than trying to learn loads of special moves. It also makes the game more appealing for newcomers, either young or old. In fact, the overall difficulty of the game is set quite low, which may be a disappointment for some players. Those players craving a challenge can go and play one of the more hardcore platformers on the Switch, while everyone looking for fun can play New Super Lucky’s Tale.


The levels are fairly linear in that the player will follow a set path for the most part, but they are wonderfully varied in their execution. One level will see the player finding their way through a 3D world, while the next will take it back to 2D side-scrolling. Another may drop in a puzzle level or some other cool idea. The developers have done an impressive job of keeping the game fresh throughout, giving the player something new to play with before any form of tedium can sink in.

The it comes to all of the improvements over the original version of the game, and the most important of those has to be the camera. This is now fully controllable and makes the game so much easier for the player. There are bundles of other quality of life improvements spread throughout the new game, such as allowing Lucky to move on two legs instead of four, which makes for much more enjoyable and precise platforming. The changes are all-encompassing with little tweaks here and there, some levels being given a slight improvement, while others are completely overhauled. Then there are new levels altogether. There are times when returning players will feel as though they are in a completely different game. While the original added a use for those collected coins after launch, being able to spend those coins on cute outfits for Lucky has been enhanced on the Switch with a wide selection of new costumes for the player to save up and buy. Getting all of the outfits will require some serious grinding, but Lucky looks so cute that it will all be worth it.

The cuteness of New Super Lucky’s Tale is perhaps the biggest appeal. The game is just packed with joy and happiness that it can’t fail to raise a smile on even the most hardened, adrenalin fuelled gamer. Obviously, coming from a launch title on Xbox One X to Switch has meant a slight downgrade to the visuals, but the game still looks great, especially in handheld mode. There may also be a few frame rate issues now and again, but really nothing to be worried about.


When it comes to games ported onto Switch, New Super Lucky’s Tale really stands out. This is beyond a simple port and more of a remake that has been perfectly matched to Nintendo’s console. Those who played the original will have to decide if the portable play is worth picking the game up again on Switch. Quick answer, with all of the changes it is well worth playing again. The improvements are substantial and the end result is a game that belongs on the Switch. New Super Lucky’s Tale is an essential purchase for any platforming fan.




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