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Insane Trailer From THQ

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Little King’s Story coming to PlayStation Vita on 2nd October

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John Wick Hex

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Resident Evil 5 (Switch)

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 15 - 2019

Teaming up with Chris and Sheva once again.

Fans of the Resident Evil games will always have a favourite, and will likely be quite passionate about why it is their favourite. Resident Evil 5, released some ten years ago and since making an appearance on most platforms, may not be a favourite for many of those players as it was widely considered to stray too far from the survival horror formula, instead being much more of an action game. It did prove to be a very good action game mind you, and now that Capcom have released Resident Evil 5 for the Nintendo Switch, albeit without much by way of fanfare, those who did enjoy the games high level of tension, or those who just want a solid action game with plenty of content that they can carry around with them, can step into the very sensible boots of Chris Redfield and prevent a bio-organic weapon from being sold to the highest bidder.


The good thing about Resident Evil 5 is that it will appeal to a far wider audience than most other Resident Evil games. I know it’s shocking, but there are gamers out there who don’t enjoy the survival horror genre, and so Resident Evil 5, with its action game flavour, can be enjoyed as an action game by action game fans, while the Resident Evil fans can still take something away with the familiar mechanics and lore.

Resident Evil 5 heads to Africa and the town of Kijuju to begin with, and returning hero Chris Redfield, who is now a member of the BSAA, is on a mission. Teaming up with local agent Sheva Aloma, Chris has to find and stop dodgy dealer Ricardo Irving from unleashing a bio-organic weapon onto the black market. Of course, this being an action game means that the player will have to fight off hordes of infected while dealing with a limited number of bullets and an AI partner that doesn’t always do the sensible thing. The action is hard and fast, and pretty relentless from the very start of the game. It’s not all standard third-person shooting action though, and some sequences will have the player messing around with mobile turrets and the like, which keeps the game varied and interesting from start to finish.


Perhaps the best aspect of the game is that it is entirely playable in co-op. Bringing along a friend rather than having to rely on the questionable AI really ramps up the games satisfaction. The game is playable both online or in a split screen mode, and supports all manner of different controller configurations. Resident Evil 5 on Switch also supports Gyro Aim which allows the player to use motion control for the aiming. It may sound strange as motion control tends to be frowned upon in anything other than dedicated motion games, but here it can really make a difference. The cursor can be slow to react when using the stick, and so motion control allows it to be moved far quicker and more precisely. It works both from pointing a Joy-Con at the screen in docked mode, to moving the entire Switch around in handheld mode. It takes a little getting used to, but is worth checking out.

The main game is an utter roller-coaster of a ride, but this long since the original launch means there is more to this package than just the story. For starters, there are two extra pieces of DLC for the player to enjoy. The Lost in Nightmares DLC becomes available once the player reaches a certain point in the game, while the second DLC offering can be played once the game is completed. These will add an extra couple of hours to the game and are certainly worth playing. Then there is the Mercenaries Mode which is also available to play in co-op. In this mode the player, or players, have a limited amount of time to amass as many points as possible by defeating enemies. It is a great little game mode, especially when played with someone else.

Given the fact that Resident Evil 5 has been remastered for other platforms, expectations would understandably be high for a good looking, well performing game on Switch. However, likely due to the Switch’s more limited hardware, the game just doesn’t perform quite as well as it should. The uncapped frame rate will often drop low when there is a lot happening on screen, which is never ideal. The textures seem to have suffered slightly as well, although this is much less noticeable when playing the game in handheld mode due to the smaller screen. The problems with the game are not so bad that they ruin the experience, but they are noticeable, especially to players who have already played the game on another console.


Resident Evil 5 may be far less focused on the horror, but the end result is a very enjoyable action game which is now playable by Switch owners. This port is by no means perfect, but the portable nature of the Switch, along with the gyro aiming, really does make it this version of the game stand out. Resident Evil 5 has a special place in many gamers hearts, and now it has a place in gamer’s pockets.




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