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PDP Gaming Are On The Case

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 10 - 2019

PDP Gaming have all of your Switch travelling needs covered this holiday season.

Let’s face it, the biggest joy of Nintendo’s Switch consoles is being able to take console quality gaming wherever you are going, and as we approach the holiday season, many gamers will be taking their Switch travelling. While gaming on the go has been around for ages, the Switch is a real evolution in that players can enjoy the big name games, and a huge library of indie titles, on the small screen absolutely anywhere, and then plug in for big screen gaming once a TV becomes available. It is a joyous system. But, as with all technology, carrying the Switch around with you brings the risk of damage. The answer, of course, is a decent case, and there are plenty on the market. Standing out from the crowd are the range of cases from PDP Gaming, makers of quality gaming accessories, that cover every possible travel situation. On top of that, they are all officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know that Mario approves.


Before you get to the complexities of which case is best suited to your own situation, there is the choice of finish. After all, looking good is just as important as keeping your Switch safe, right? Anyway, PDP Gaming have quite the range of different looks, although not all of their cases comes in all of the looks. The smallest case we are looking at today, the Deluxe Travel Case, seems to have the most different looks, including a selection of Pokémon styles. However, for a more universally good looking case, the Elite Edition designs, which come with a grey, almost denim-looking material covering, black faux leather panels and red detailing, really do look good. Whichever style the user chooses, I personally love the understated black Pokéball case for example, the quality of the build is guaranteed. And so, it all comes down to – where are you going?


Out shopping for the day? meeting up with friends? This is where the Deluxe Travel Case comes in. This is your standard case that will fit happily in a backpack and keep your Switch safe until it is needed. It’s a clamshell style case with a solid zipper that wraps around. Not being much larger than the Switch alone, the case has a nice, solid PVC strap on one corner that can be popped open to allow the case to be attached, quite solidly, to anything. Opening the case up, there is a divider, under which the Switch should be placed. There is a nylon strap that goes under the Switch unit in order to help when removing the switch, much like you sometimes find in battery compartments, making the act of taking out the Switch much less hazardous. The underside of the divider, which will sit on top of the Switch, has a nice soft finish to prevent any potential scratches. The top side of the divider has slots for 14 game cards and two Joy-Con straps, while the inside of the lid has a mesh pocket that could be used for things like headphones or whatever. The good news for Switch Lite owners is that this case comes with special foam inserts that allow the Switch Lite to sit in the case without moving around, ensuring their safety.


For those on a longer journey, maybe heading somewhere for an overnight stay, the Commuter Case is the ideal companion. With a similar size to an overnight wash bag, the Commuter Case is again something to be transported in a bag or suitcase, although there is a handle on the top edge for carrying if the user chooses. The top side of the case has an additional zipped pocket on the outside, maybe somewhere handy to keep a train ticket? Opening up though, the Commuter Case has much more space, and the actual Switch is stored in the lid, with a small Velcro divided that once again is padded to keep the Switch screen protected. The other side of the divider has a mesh pocket and a couple of game card slots. Also in the lid is storage for two extra Joy-Cons.

The magic happens on the other side, where the user is able to safely store a Pro Controller, held in place with a Velcro strap, more game cards and there is ever a self-closing pocket in which the mains adapter can be stored, ensuring the user will be able to keep on playing once the batteries go flat. Now, the packaging suggests this case will hold 15 game cards in their dedicated little pockets, but I can only find 14 spaces. Still, that should be ample for a long journey.


Finally, there is the Pull-N-Go Case. Styled more like a high-end camera case, this really is the be all and end all of Switch cases, able to ensure the user can keep on playing no matter where they are, or how long they will be. Now this case comes in two parts. The first part is not too dissimilar to the Deluxe Travel Case, with the same style of PVC strap on one corner. Inside, there is once again a divider under which the Switch is stored, again with a nylon strap to make getting the Switch out easier. The divider is padded to keep the Switch protected, and the other side has a mesh pocket and storage for six game cards.

Where it gets interesting though is the larger case. This is much like a camera case in that it has adjustable dividers that will allow almost everything Switch related to be stored inside, including the dock, a Pro Controller, and all the necessary wires. It’s a hard shell design so everything will be kept safe, and the lower case comes with a small padded strap and a shoulder strap. The outside top of the large case is completely Velcro covered, as is the bottom of the smaller travel pouch, which means that they can both be fixed together very securely for the full travel solution. Even the PVC corner strap can be attached to the larger case for added security. It’s big, but anyone going to visit relatives can not only take their Switch safely, but they can also take all of the extra stuff to ensure everyone else can also enjoy some Switch gaming.


Keeping your Switch safe is an important business, and PDP Gaming really do have you covered for all of your Switch protection needs. All of the cases are solid and give the protection needed, while also offering a range of storage. Available from Amazon, Argos and other retailers, the cases range in price from £19.99 to £29.99. Those looking to protect their Switch, or wanting to protect a loved one’s Switch, should check out the range of Switch cases by PDP Gaming.


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