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Ski Jumping Pro VR

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 17 - 2019

Flying like an eagle, or falling like a rock.

Who wouldn’t want to throw themselves down a steep, snow-covered hill at high speed and then launch themselves off the end and into the abyss? Yippee Entertainment obviously thought that everyone would like to try their hand at this most extreme of winter sports, and so launched Ski Jumping Pro for mobile devices. From there, the only way to make this game better would be to make the players wear VR headsets and give them a healthy dose of vertigo, and with Kalypso Media on publishing duties, Ski Jumping Pro VR has launched for PlayStation VR and VR on PC. Break out the cocoa and marshmallows, apply the sunscreen and prepare to assume some very awkward positions as we check out Ski Jumping Pro VR on PSVR.


Okay, so what we are talking about here is an entire game based around zipping down a ramp and flying through the air before landing with grace and dignity. That is pretty much it, rinse and repeat in different locations. Roll back the expectations a touch, because you launch, pick up speed, take off and land over and over again. But hang on, there must be something about the sport that makes it interesting. They did after all make a TV show that was solely based on making celebrities ski jump, although most of us probably watched for the inevitable injuries. Still, celebrity danger aside, Ski Jumping is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic sports, and trying it out in VR is the closest I will ever get to giving it a try.

Standing at the top of a steep slope and taking a look around, the view is quite breathtaking. It is also somewhat vertigo-inducing, so don’t be surprised at the odd wobble. But seriously, despite the limitations of the VR headset and the only moderate quality of the visuals, Ski Jumping Pro VR really sets the scene. Standing at that height and looking around, the view really is spectacular. As the player continues to play, they will visit a large variety of different locations, based on real world locations by the way. Sure, the jump will always be more of less the same, and once the player actually starts their decent, checking out the scenery will be the last thing on their mind. But still, for those couple of moments of calm before the jump, the view never disappoints.


And then, whoosh, down the slope at high speed. Reaching the end of the ramp, the player will be launched into the air to then perform what they hope will be the perfect landing. This s where the player will be scored and take their place on the leaderboard, hopefully, before moving on to the next jump. It is short, but incredibly exhilarating. When it comes to parties or other social gatherings, taking turns and then laughing at how silly everyone looks while playing the game will be the order of the day, and as an example of VR capabilities to show off, Ski Jumping Pro VR hits the spot. The game does a good job of explaining the controls, whether using the Move controllers or a simple Dual Shock controller, and the player is always able to take a practice run. It is also quite forgiving when it comes to actually landing, which makes it more easy to enjoy for the party goers.

But there is another side to Ski Jumping Pro VR which involves getting those launches absolutely spot on and nailing a perfectly balanced landing. The career mode will have the player moving from one competition to another and rising through the leaderboards. This is far more difficult as the player is scored on various different aspects of their jump, and getting the high scores needed to place well on the leaderboard will mean getting each of these aspects right. It is not easy to do. However, success will lead to winnings in the form of cash that can be spent on new gear. The gear comes in different categories, from helmets to gloves, with each category offering a different score bonus in one of the score aspects. This means that even a struggling player can buy gear to improve their standing over time. The equipment does also give the player a chance to customise their jumper. There is also training to work on, and sponsorship to consider, giving the player something else to think about.


Ski Jumping Pro VR is a game that has a limited appeal. Anyone not particularly in awe of those athletes that throw themselves down a hill attached to giant lollipop sticks will likely struggle to be impressed, and those who actually suffer from vertigo may avoid the game all together. The reality is also that the game is repetitive. However, for those that click with the jumping or who want nothing more than to emulate Eddie the Eagle, there is a full career mode to work through and some really nice locations to visit. If that sounds good, then it would be worth checking out Ski Jumping Pro VR.




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