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Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 12 - 2019

A bunch of Siberian sniping playgrounds.

The Sniper Ghost Warrior games from City Interactive have always been the “other” sniper games, struggling to exist alongside Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series. While pulling off the perfect snipe is enjoyable enough to ensure that both sniping games have a place in the world, Sniper Ghost Warrior has never quite managed to reach the quality of the other game, and so CI Games continually try new things to make their game stand out. With Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, this meant moving the game from a linear experience to an open world. This worked very well, but other problems simply held the game back. In the further evolution of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, the latest title takes a step back, and then to the side. Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts sends the player to Siberia and presents them with a selection of small, open levels in which to have their sniping fun.


Not that one is needed, but there is a story behind Contracts that may be of interest to some, involving Siberia breaking away from Russia and taking its resources with it. While the story will not be the main reason for playing, with most just happy to know that they will be shooting bad guys from a distance, it is fleshed out well through the course of the game and gives the sniping a little bit of flavour.

There are five locations that the player will visit during the course of the game, which may not seem like that much. However, these locations are fairly large open world maps and the player will be given multiple objectives for each map, and the freedom to approach the objectives in whatever order they choose. With a variety of different routes taking the player from one objective area to another, some involving far more stealth than others, it opens up huge possibilities. There is a great sense of verticality to many areas in the levels, and careful examination of an area will often reveal yet more approaches that the player can take. The objectives are not especially inspired, usually revolving around killing someone, collecting some intel or maybe just blowing something up, but they give the player a good reason to be there in the first place.

Players take on the role of the Seeker and is provided with contracts by the Handler, who is also responsible for giving the player a futuristic mask that gives them special sniping related abilities, something that marks them as superior to other snipers. A tutorial starts out the game and teaches players all of the basics they will need to perform massively long distance head shots. With things like bullet drop over distance and the wind to consider when lining up a shot, the tutorial section was quite welcome. As the player continues to complete objectives, they will earn money, which can then be spent on improved attachments, upgrades and even new gadgets that can be great fun to use. The good news is that there is no right or wrong with how the player progresses as the starting equipment will be enough to reach the end if the player is careful.


Being careful is something that most players would expect in a sniping game, where stealth is one of the primary concerns. The gameplay can be quite slow as the player moves to the perfect position unseen and gets ready to take that impossible seeming shot, but actually taking the shot makes all of the sneaking around worthwhile. Extra care has to be employed where cameras are involved, as they are very capable and will raise the alarm if even the smallest movement is detected. Also of note are the other snipers in and around the area. While these guys are not of the same calibre as the player, they are still quite deadly and can take out the player with a single shot. When it comes to the rest of the enemy forces though, they are not the smartest bunch. The rest of the AI in Contracts does leave a lot to be desired.

Aside from the main contracts, there are other objectives to try and clear in a given area, along with bounties to go after, giving each area plenty to do and plenty of reasons to come back once the game is complete. The biggest problem with the direction that Contracts has taken is that it relies far too much on the non-sniper stuff, the sort of action that players will be able to find in plenty of other shooters. The sniping is magnificent for the most part, while the rest of the action is merely okay.

Visually, there is nothing to complain about in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts. It is not the nicest looking game around, nor is it the worst. Some of the environments are absolutely stunning, while others not so much. The game does also seem to be slightly buggy, with the occasional graphical glitch, but I have not seen anything game breaking.


Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts appears to take inspiration from various other popular games, from Hitman to Far Cry, which gives it a slightly confused identity. The actual sniping is where the game is its best, while everything else doesn’t shine as brightly. The smaller open levels work really well, and the freedom to approach objectives in whatever order the player chooses adds to the replayability. While the developers may not have mastered the Sniper Ghost Warrior formula yet, Contracts seems to be heading in the right direction. The best in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series so far.




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