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Terminator: Resistance

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 5 - 2019

I’ll be back. Or maybe I won’t.

Back in the day, the Terminator movie was a big deal, as was it’s sequel. However, since those first two movies I have struggled to get excited about anything to do with the Terminator universe, and considering the popularity of the latest movie, I am surely not the only one. It is not like there has been a lack of material, from movies and TV shows, to comics, books and even a card game, but nothing seemed to reach the heights of the original two movies. There have also been quite a few games set around the Terminator universe, but sadly they have also struggled to catch players’ interest. The latest, perhaps being released in conjunction with the recent movie, is Terminator: Resistance from publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon. Had the game been called Terminator: Dark Fate The Video Game, then it would have been cast aside as a simple movie tie-in and people would have carried on with their lives. However, not being linked with the new movie, Terminator: Resistance has the chance to actually be a half way decent Terminator video game. Can it succeed? Or will the machines stop this from happening?


Set in the not so far flung future, the player will take control of new hero Private Jacob Rivers, a member of John Connor’s future machine fighting force. At the very beginning of the game, Rivers’ squadron is wiped out and he is left to try and connect with the resistance to warn of a new unit in the form of a terminator that can perfectly resemble a human. To this end, Rivers joins a group of civilians who are trying to stay ahead of The Annihilation Line.

So far as stories go, especially when it comes to the Terminator franchise, there seems to be a certain amount of creative license taken for the sake of the game, which is fine. The biggest fans of the movies will find holes in the plot to pick at, but for the average gamer with a little Terminator knowledge under their belt, there are some nice references that can be picked up. Otherwise, the future war makes for an interesting setting for the story. The NPCs that the player encounters along the way are mostly not quite as interesting, but the player will have to make the occasional choice that can have an effect on some characters, and there is even some romance to be had that leads to the most unexpected place.


When it comes to the gameplay, players will find themselves indulging in both stealth and all-out action, at least in the early game. The main missions will see the player sneaking around at times, avoiding the danger of the deadly terminators, and at other times they will be facing the variety of different machine enemies head on. Main missions may mean gathering information or committing sabotage. Then there are also side missions that the player can take on, but they do feel somewhat out of place given the sense of urgency that the world suggests.

Rather than a massive open world for the player to explore, the missions will take place over a number of smaller open areas. These areas are nicely designed in that they do offer the player a certain amount of choice as to how they approach their objective, with different routes offering the chance to hack or pick locks, or sneak unseen. While they can be seen as being linear by the player who just wants to rush in, there are options. The abandoned buildings and rubble-strewn streets give a great atmosphere to the game, and the soundtrack is probably one of the highlights here, really adding the tension that killer robots deserve.

But not everything is rosy in the future war against the machines. Resistance packs in a fair few systems, such as crafting, trading, scavenging etc. However, the game is generous in what it provides and actually makes many of these systems unnecessary as ammunition or weapons will be plentiful. The same can be said of the levelling system which ensures that the player will have pretty much unlocked everything before the game reaches its conclusion. Coming in at around ten hours, Resistance doesn’t outstay its welcome. On the subject of the weapons, the handling is pretty good if unremarkable, again with great sound work. There are a variety of current and future weapons to use, although the powerful plasma weapons do slightly remove the threat implied by the terminators.


Terminator: Resistance tries to do a lot of different things, but the result is that it does none of them very well. Given that most people will imagine the game to be a movie tie-in anyway, it is actually better than expected. It is an action game set in an action movie universe and while there is nothing by way of post-game content, fans wanting some simple action in a well known setting will get a good ten hours of terminating. Not everyone will be back, many won’t even turn up to start with, but Terminator: Resistance is not a bad action romp for some stress-free fun.




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