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Journey To The Savage Planet

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 29 - 2020

Spend some time on an alien planet this winter.

The beginning of a new year is always a bit depressing, and so the beginning of a new decade is even more so. People need something to cheer them up on these cold, dark days, and for gamers that would mean a decent, upbeat game to occupy their time. Typhoon Studios and 505 Games seem to have hit the nail on the head with the incredibly quirky Journey to the Savage Planet, a game packed with colourful visuals and strange creatures. If you need an antidote to January, Journey to the Savage Planet could well be it.


Set on the imaginatively named AR-Y 26 planet, the player will take on the role of the latest recruit to Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar exploration company. The mission is to explore the planet and scan all of the lifeforms with a view to potential colonisation. However, due to budgetary constraints and a less than perfect arrival on the planet, the player has no equipment with them and will have to gather resources to make what they need along the way. They don’t even have the fuel to leave the planet once the job is done, so that is another thing to worry about.

There is a great satirical humour to Journey to the Savage Planet, similar to what can be found in games like The Outer Worlds, that proves to be constantly entertaining. There is an ongoing storyline beyond just the premise, which is drip fed to the player when they return to their space ship This ship acts as the hub for the player and houses the all important 3D printer which will make and upgrade the players equipment. The main story is a bit bland, but that aforementioned humour more than makes up for it. A special highlight are the live action commercials that are constantly playing on video screens inside the ship.

The real fun in the game comes from the exploration. AR-Y 26 is a wonderfully colourful planet, made up of several different biomes for the player to explore. There is always something new to see and, quite often, something new to run away from. The creatures to be found on the planet are not always dangerous, but they are always odd to look at. They also drop resources when they are killed, which is exactly what the player should be looking out for, because resources make the equipment they will need to reach new areas and find new things. Scanning each new life form is also of utmost importance, as this can lead to new crafting possibilities and even help with understanding the more dangerous creatures. It is even possible to take samples from the creatures, but doing so will not make the player popular.


There is a Metroid flavour to Journey to the Savage Planet as players will unlock new equipment or upgrades that will allow them access to new parts of previously explored areas. Thankfully, there are not too many different types of resource for the player to worry about as they gather what they need, and so players will quickly have an understanding of what is required to make each item or upgrade. While they may start the game with nothing but a simple slap to defend themselves against aggressive creatures, they will quickly unlock a gun that can be improved to become more powerful, along with the ability to jump further and even grapple from one point to the next. Exploring will often take the player a long way from their ship, to which they will always have to return, but strange alien artefacts can be found that will provide fast travel points. In fact, no one mentioned there being an alien civilisation on this planet, so that will definitely be something to look into.

Alongside the resources that the player will collect, there are also useful items to be found on the planet. These range from the disgusting orange goo that the player will eat to level up, through to exploding fruit and seed pods that sprout into trampoline plants of sorts. Many of the games puzzles as the player tries to work out how to access areas, will revolve around clever use of whatever the player can collect along the way.

The combat will also make use of the strange items the player will find on the planet. They will also have access to a very capable gun, which will only get more capable as it is upgraded back at the ship. The combat is fairly straight forward and great fun, although some of the boss fights will leave the player having to think a little more than just shooting. With the various upgrades available, there is a great sense of manoeuvrability that can get the player out of trouble. However, there will always be the odd fall from a great height, or creature that moves far quicker than expected. The good news here is that a new clone will always be available back at the ship, and the player can even track back to their previous body.

Journey to the Savage Planet is bright, colourful fun and will run for around a dozen hours for most players. While many will lament the brief nature of the game, it feels like it runs for as long as it needs to. There is also co-op available should the player wish to share their experience, which can obviously make the game even more fun, and multiple endings will give the player more life after completion. Overall, it is just great fun to play.


Journey to the Savage Planet is a bizarre game, one that will leave players wondering what the hell they are playing, all while being unable to put the controller down. It may be slightly short, and perhaps a little on the simple side, but it just oozes fun from every alien pore. Anyone looking to counter the dreary beginning of the year should pick up Journey to the Savage Planet and start exploring the wonderful AR-Y 26.




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