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Fat Princess

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Yooka-Laylee Toybox Released to Kickstarter Backers

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3DS XL holiday bundle includes free Mario Kart 7

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Act Of Aggression’s Cartel Arrive

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No Way Home Launches on Apple Arcade Today

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 10 - 2020

SMG Studio has announced its new title, No Way Home will be available on Apple Arcade later today.


In No Way Home, you are stranded in a strange galaxy and you must fight for survival using only your wits, your ship, and your party planning robot companion. Explore the universe, befriend bizarre aliens, and blast through hordes of monsters as you endeavor to find a way home. With a rich story mode set across a huge universe, you’ll have 50+ weapons to discover, craft and upgrade as you battle over 60 unique enemies. With randomly generated environments, every game is unique as you discover your own path to survival.


SMG has explained that all the linework is hand-drawn before being scanned in to be used in the game which is pretty rare for games and described it as quite the challenge to get the style to translate well to a video game, but they are really proud of the final look and feel.

You’ll encounter a strong, independent female, who needs to quickly find her footing in such a strange situation. SMG Studio explained that females weren’t as represented in the action-adventure genre enough and it was great getting her fully voice acted to bring the character to life.


The narrative and writing are also rather unique, with the story needing to work with a procedurally generated world, which is quite challenging SMG explained. They also wanted to mix the fact it is a lost in space story with a dark comedy angle, which has drawn inspiration from TV shows such as; Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy among others using the absurd to lighten what could be a very darkly themed game.


Finally, each race of aliens has its own back story, story arcs, and voice work and they explained they will be building on this cast of characters and races in subsequent and upcoming updates.

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