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Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 10 - 2020

Let it snow!

As we drive ever onwards into 2020 and the festive season starts to disappear in the rear-view mirror, the chance of a white Christmas may have come and gone, but the threat of snow and freezing temperatures still remains a possibility. For gamers, the temptation may be to hop into a suitably sunny game, something with a beach perhaps. However, those who want to leap headlong into the cold weather could start by bringing the thrill of the Arctic to their zoos in Frontier’s Planet Zoo Arctic Pack DLC, bringing new animals, new scenarios and plenty of new scenery to further customise the family day out.


It has not been that long since Planet Zoo launched for PC, but Frontier Development know full well that this is the style of game that will embrace a huge number of DLC packs. While there is plenty of guided gameplay in Planet Zoo, the largest appeal comes from building and running your own successful zoo, and in this respect each DLC offering is like buying additional packs for your favourite brick building sets, bringing more choice and more opportunity. Okay, sure, there may be a certain amount of bad feeling from having to already shell out more cash for additional content, and it has to be said that the £7.99 cost of the Arctic Pack DLC is somewhat on the steep side, but more content in a game like this is always welcome. Besides, Reindeer.

The big news for the Arctic Pack DLC is easily the new animals, and there are four new species for players to include in their collections: the Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Wolf and Dall Sheep. While I am sure that the dynamic Polar Bear and Arctic Wolf will have their fans, I am personally rooting for the Reindeer. The Dall Sheep is a welcome if slightly underwhelming addition. Still, each of these animals come with their own requirements to be successfully kept in a zoo, and players will have to put in the time to learn about these animals, while also teaching the public that happen to visit their zoos all about them. Each of these animals are beautifully recreated in the game, following the same level of animation that players will already be used to from the core animal set, and there is plenty of joy to be had in simply watching these animals go about their everyday business.


Those who are looking for the more guided play will be pleased to discover two new scenarios to play through. The first involves a remote animal sanctuary in Norway and will give players the perfect setting for their new Arctic animals. The second scenario is more of a fish out of water as players attempt to introduce Arctic animals to an existing zoo in the heat of Mexico. Each of these scenarios, much like the ones in the core game, will give players the experience they need to deal with these new animals.

Then there are more than 200 new scenery pieces which will give the amateur zoo designer plenty of new options in building their zoos. These range from new foliage and plant life, to some absolutely lovely Scandinavian themed buildings that can give a park, or parts of a park, a really unique feel. As always, everything is of a high quality and fits in as perfectly with the rest of the game as it can.

As far as the content is concerned, it is all nicely made and will provide happiness for any Planet Zoo fan, especially those who enjoy the festive season and the cold weather. There is a slightly seasonal feel to the DLC, which would explain why it was released presumably before most players would have grown fatigued with the core content, but once it is added to everything else available in the game, it becomes part of the whole. The biggest issue with the Arctic Pack DLC comes from the amount of content for the price. While the scenarios and scenery is all great, the animals are what most people will be excited about, and only four in a pack costing £7.99 does seem a bit lacking, especially given how many other Arctic animals could have been included.


At the end of the Arctic day, the Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack is a well made piece of DLC that will only further the enjoyment of the core game. The animals are lovely to watch and manage, the scenarios are fun, and the scenery will give players more to play with as they build their zoos. The cost of the DLC will be a stumbling block for many, but Planet Zoo fans will get their money’s worth.




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