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Puzzle Game Lightmatter Arriving This Week

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 13 - 2020

Aspyr and Tunnel Vision Games have announced that the first-person puzzle game Lightmatter will be coming to Steam from January 15th.


Lightmatter is the atmospheric, first-person puzzle game inside a mysterious experimental facility where the shadows will kill you. Watch your movements closely through the sprawling tunnels and rooms or be swallowed into the vast darkness. The game tells a sci-fi story about a maniac inventor who has created the ultimate power source called Lightmatter. Players must explore the facility in an attempt to discover the hidden plot, while facing challenging puzzles that require mastering different light sources to survive.

Game Features:

– Step into an evacuated facility that risks tearing the world apart atom by atom.

– Use lateral thinking to solve mind-bending puzzles with lights, shadows, beams, platforms, and even Lightmatter.

– Explore themes of journalistic integrity, scientific ethics, and megalomania.

– Starring David Bateson (Known from playing Agent 47 in Hitman) who leads as Virgil, CEO of Lightmatter Technologies, and who provides the game’s dark humor narrative.

– Inspired by art used in thick-line animation and graphic novel-style outlines.

– Pays homage to first person puzzlers, drawing inspiration from The Turing Test, Portal, and The Talos Principle.

Lightmatter originally started out as a university project where a group of Medialogy students wanted to explore lights and shadows as the primary gameplay mechanic in a puzzle game. The result was a 15-minute prototype, offered as a free download on Reddit. The game became an overnight success with thousands of downloads and multiple accolades from game conferences around the world. From there, they created Tunnel Vision Games with the mission to take the light/shadow concept further and turn it into a fully-fledged game.


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