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Cat Quest & Cat Quest II

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 27 - 2020

All the cat puns you could ever need.

The Gentlebros’ Cat Quest games have popped up on most platforms in recent years, offering fans of felines an abundance of puns to get them through the day, while also entertaining with some light but enjoyable action RPG fun. While we have already covered Cat Quest II for review on PC, the plan is to take a quick look at the Switch version of the game here, while also checking out the game that started it all, Cat Quest, as it appeared a couple of years ago on the PS4. The reason for all of this? The Gentlebros, along with PQube, are going to release the Cat Quest Pawsome Pack for both PS4 and Switch this May, bringing together Cat Quest and Cat Quest II on a disc or cartridge. Check out the trailer –


The first Cat Quest sets the player as a heroic kitty on a quest to return the land of Felingard to some sense of normality, while also looking to rescue their sister. This is an action RPG through and through, set within an open world that is filled with quests for the player to take on as they progress the story. The world takes on a map-like view, with the player exploring and moving from one feature to the nest as they wish, finding caves to clear out and towns to explore and pick up quests.

When it comes to the actual action, Cat Quest is quite simple, with an emphasis on rolling out of the way of enemy attacks with easy to see areas of attack appearing. There is a simple attack button, but more depth can be found through the various spells and abilities that the player will unlock as they gain experience. The action is fast and fun, while the different spells and abilities will give players a chance to flex their tactical muscles as certain enemies will be more susceptible to certain attacks. Experience is dished out through orbs, and the player will also be able to improve their kitty through the various loot that they find along the way.

The story is fun, but the actual gameplay is quite simplistic, and as a result many players will find the game repetitive after a short time. However, the real star of the game is the humour, which packs the puns at a rate never seen before. Cat Quest is colourful and cute, some would even say charming, but it is the puns that will bring a smile to players faces. Every possible piece of cat-based wordplay can be found in the game, which is absolutely great if you are looking for a dad-joke style fun time. However, as with everything, there is a downside. Some gamers will find the constant onslaught of puns too much to handle. The game doesn’t take itself seriously, and so the player shouldn’t either.


Cat Quest II turned up a couple of years later and proved to be more of the same. With that said, the developers obviously felt more confident with this release and so threw in a few more features.

The story is new and so players are able to play the game in any order they choose. Cat Quest II once again features the land of Felingard, but is expanded by allowing the player to also explore the Lupus Empire, a land of dogs. It goes without saying that these two lands are at war, which is something that the player will be charged with sorting out. To do this though, the kitty hero is not alone and is accompanied for this adventure by a cute dog character. The player can switch between the two characters at will, or allow a friend to take on the role of the other hero in marvellous co-op. While playing solo, the AI does a good job of controlling the other character, and playing alone will give the player a chance to develop two different character builds that will be able to face off against almost any threat. Playing co-op obviously relies on the other player developing their character to compliment the main hero.

The game carries forward the same simple gameplay from the first title, and players will once again be wandering the map-like overworld before delving into one of the many dungeons that are to be found. The quick hit style of the game is carried through to the dungeons, keeping them compact enough to finish off in only a few minutes, while also marking their difficulty, allowing players to avoid tricky dungeons until they feel ready. With plenty of places to visit, and side quests galore alongside the main quests, players will always be able to find a way to increase their experience for those trickier dungeons, although the difficulty level of the game in general is set to a much more casual level.

With more spells, new weapons and new abilities, Cat Quest II successfully builds upon the original formula. And once again, the game is filled with puns and is genuinely funny. The visuals are also once again top notch and look delightful on both the big screen and the smaller screen in handheld mode.


When it comes to the two games, obviously the sequel has the benefit of experience, resulting in a superior game. However, Cat Quest II can still become repetitive if played for too long in a single session. The games are most enjoyable played in bite-sized chunks, and are designed to be perfect for that purpose. When choosing between the two platforms available for the Pawsome Pack, the games look great both on the PS4 and on the Switch when docked. However, the quick-hit nature of the game, along with the glorious small screen, makes the Cat Quest games perfectly suited to mobile play, and so the Switch would surely be the platform of choice.

Both of the Cat Quest games are easy fun, and they both deserve to be in your PS4 or Switch library, especially if you are looking for a light action RPG to waste some time with. While sitting at home and playing on the big screen is great, especially in co-op for Cat Quest II, the games really do feel like they were made for playing out and about on the Switch. The Cat Quest Pawsome Pack on PS4 and Switch will not appeal to everyone, but for those looking for some easy-going action, plenty of humour and a strong dose of cuteness, this bundle will be almost “pawfect”.




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