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Hunt: Showdown

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 20 - 2020

Slightly more tense than hunting wabbits.

Survival horror games usually involve the player trying to escape from some evil entity that wants to kill them. Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown mixes up that formula quite a lot by throwing in a healthy dose of Battle Royale while also challenging all of the players to actually hunt the evil entity. Set it all in an incredible atmospheric map where the slightest misstep could alert all manner of nasties, including the other players, to your presence and bring forth a whole world of pain, and the result is a game that is really quite special.


When it comes to story, there is not much on offer here. Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer game and anyone who wants to know more about the world will have to content themselves with the little bits of lore that will gradually be unlocked. Not that this really matters as the player doesn’t need to know much more than that they are hunting a monster.

Set in the late 1900s, the player takes their hunter into a large map which somewhere hides the bounty they have been charged with finding. Teaming up with a couple of other hunters, it is a simple matter of following the clues to find this bounty before the other players do. Armed with weapons of the time, with some quirky weapons that were seemingly designed specifically for monster hunting, the player can activate their special vision in order to see where the first clue to the bounties location is. With each clue, the possible hiding area of the monster shrinks, bringing the player closer to their bounty. Once the final clue has been found, the location is revealed and then the player will go in for a massive showdown battle.

That’s the basics, but there is so much more going against the player. The map is littered with all manner of other monsters, and none of them are particularly easy to defeat. The player also has to worry about the other players who are just as eager to take their life. The sound work in the game is absolutely brilliant and will often alert a player to something nearby way before they see anything. Of course, this also works the other way and so the player will have to be aware of where they are walking. Stealth is of the essence as treading on broken glass or accidentally knocking against some chains will alert other players and monsters. This also means that firing a gun, which can be heard from a long way away, will also reveal the players position.


There are currently three bounties to be hunted down, and none of them will be a breeze to overcome. The Butcher is a massive creature that relies on strength and toughness, while the Spider is positively creepy and moves with an alarming speed. The Assassin is the final bounty, and this stealth-based monster can be really tough to pin down. But they can all be defeated, with careful planning and more than a little luck, but the tension doesn’t end there. The player then has to escape with the essence of the bounty, and this is when the surviving other players will come forth, looking to take the prize. These final moments are unbelievably stressful.

As the player survives against lesser threats or completes objectives, they will get experience that will level up their hunter. They will also gain some cash in order to purchase new and more impressive weapons. The weapons themselves are not particularity smooth to use, but considering the setting, it feels authentic. So, the longer the player survives, the more powerful their hunter will become. The downside to this is that if they die, they lose everything. Permadeath is always frustrating, but there is a Bloodline ranking that will carry through a players career and give some permanent unlocks.

The main mode here is Bounty Hunt, and this is the mode where players will likely gravitate. However, there is a Quickplay mode that involves finding rifts and then holding an area for a while. If you win, the random character you are playing as can be kept. It’s not as involved as the Bounty Hunt mode, or as tense, but it may be a good place for newcomers to at least get to grips with the game.

The visuals are foreboding and atmospheric, allowing for some real scares. As already mentioned, the sound work is excellent. The only real downside to Hunt: Showdown is that the game is not very welcoming to newcomers. The player is more or less left to work things out for themselves, and the main mode will happily drop new players in with seasoned hunters, making them easy targets for a quick game over, which can become frustrating. Also, as the game only has a couple of maps and only three main monsters at this time, it is lacking in content a little, but I am sure this is something that will quickly be remedied.


Hunt: Showdown is a competitive and co-operative game that really ramps up the tension to provide a truly sweat-inducing experience. Players who are looking for a more relaxing game experience will find Hunt: Showdown far too stressful, but those looking for a challenge who don’t mind a little brow sweat will be quite at home here. This unique PvPvE game will only get bigger and better with time, so track down Hunt: Showdown and make sure you keep quiet about it.




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