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Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 19 - 2020

A dungeon crawler that encourages keeping snacks in your pocket.

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold from Level-5 may have been something of a surprise for many Switch players when it launched on February 14th given the very little fanfare that came before it. However, it probably won’t be a surprise to hear that in Japan the game is massive and is accompanied by Anime, Manga and toys. It also won’t be a surprise to hear that Snack World: The Dungeon World – Gold is a dungeon crawling loot collector, or that the game is incredibly well made. It is a Level-5 title after all. Perhaps the biggest surprise to come from this under-the-radar Switch title is just how funny it is.


The silliness is there from the very beginning. The player creates a character who just happens to have amnesia and awakens in the land of Snack World, ready to take on quest after quest into dungeons to help out characters the player meets along the way, and to complete story missions to move the main story along. While this may sound familiar to many fans of dungeon crawlers, it is the setting that brings much of the humour. Snack World is all about the food, with locations and many of the characters given names based around various food stuffs, thrusting pun after pun at the player. Even when the names don’t take on the food theme, they still offer yet more chuckle-worthy puns or performances that honestly keep the player giggling as they move from one quest to the next. It should be noted that sometimes the humour flies a little close to being offensive, from innuendo to stereotyping, which could suggest that the game would not be suitable for younger players, despite the cheerful, whimsical visuals. For most players this won’t be an issue though, and they will be able to continue the game, enjoying the juvenile humour and name-based puns.

The comedy really is the biggest feature of the game. Outside of the funny stuff, Snack World is a player-friendly dungeon crawler with a few nice ideas. Firstly, there is the whole snack mechanic that gives the game an almost “Pokemon” feel. There are more than 200 different enemies and characters that the player will either fight against or run quests for. With the enemies, as the player defeats more and more of each type, they will become more familiar until they can eventually take a photo of the enemy, adding it to their snack list. The friendly characters can also be added to the snack list, usually through doing quests for them. Given the huge number in the game, there is a lot to “catch”.


Once on the snack list, the player is able to assign them either as Party snacks or Pocket snacks. In the beginning the player can only have one Party snack at a time, but that increases as the game progresses. A Party snack is able to join the players character on their quests as a companion, fighting alongside them. The Pocket snacks on the other hand allows the player to transform their character into the chosen snack for a short time, and the use their abilities. It is a fun little system that taps into that collecting sensibility while also offering the chance for some strategic thinking.

The actual gameplay itself is quite straight forward, as is often the case for dungeon crawlers. The combat offers the player a basic attack, a special attack that has a cool down, and a super special attack that charges up. It is not the deepest system, but plays well nonetheless. The variety comes from the different types of weapons that the player can equip, each of which comes with their own different attacks. There is an elemental system in place that will make a weapon more or less effective against different enemies, keeping the player thinking about which weapon to use against a given adversary.

The point of going on all of these dungeon crawls is often loot, and Snack World is no different. However, rather than finding sweet new gear, which does happen sometimes, Snack World is more about finding loads of different ingredients that can then be used to craft new gear or upgrade what they are already using. The problem with this system is that some of the ingredients can be difficult to find, and so will lead to frustration as the player grinds and grinds to find the required materials. Having to revisit previously visited locations is already a large part of the game, and so increasing that revisiting in the search for missing ingredients can be a little irritating.


Snack World is a very accessible game, offering plenty of aid to those who are new to dungeon crawlers. The gradual increasing complexity of the dungeon layouts means that new players are slowly introduced to the complexities of navigating a dungeon, while the option to have the right equipment chosen for the player takes out a lot of trial and error that could put the newcomers off. Of course, the downside to being approachable is that the game has a lower challenge that may leave the more veteran dungeon crawlers wanting.

Visually, Snack World just oozes charm. The characters are all cute and obviously carry that silliness through to their looks, while the environments are bright and colourful and easy to enjoy. The upbeat soundtrack only enhances the joyful experience of playing the game. The only real downside to Snack World comes from the repetition and grind. It is very compelling trying to get all of the materials needed for a certain piece of equipment or upgrade, but doing the same thing over and over would become very boring were it not for the fun world the game is set in.


Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold brings Level-5’s usual polish to a funny world of dungeons and puns. Designed to be accessible to newcomers and featuring some really nice systems, the game is a solid dungeon crawler. It can get repetitive, but the humour and charm will carry the player through on their quest to gather more materials and snacks. It may be a pass for the hardcore gamer, but for Switch owners looking for a lighter dungeon crawling experience that is great fun, Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold is not a meal to be skipped.




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