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Curse Of The Dead Gods (Early Access)

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 23 - 2020

A game about choices and dying, a lot.

Curse of the Dead Gods is not the latest hardcore metal band to start making random loud noises. Instead, it is a hardcore Roguelite from Passtech Games that only recently launched on Steam Early Access. Of course, being an Early Access title means that Curse of the Dead Gods is as yet unfinished, but what is already available is more than enough to spark the interest of anyone who appreciates skilful gameplay and potentially dying a lot. Yeah, Curse of the Dead Gods is a tough game.


Curse of the dead Gods is a bit light on story at the moment. Basically, the player takes on the role of a hardy warrior who has entered a temple in search of riches, power or whatever. The door closes behind our hero, and so there is no choice other than to press on and see where the path takes him. We don’t need much more than that by way of story, so it’s all good.

While being light on story, the game is packed full of choices for the player. At this point in Early Access, some choices are locked off or limited, but the developers promise plenty more to come. The first choice will be which temple to explore, but right now there is only the Jaguar Temple, with the other starting routes unpassable. There will be three temples in total once the game reaches full release.

The player begins each run with only the most basic of equipment, including their weapon of course, along with a torch as the temple is pretty much bathed in darkness. The player will be able to find new weapons and equipment as they progress through the temples. New weapons will give the player a variety in how they attack enemies, and given the limited inventory space that our hero has, they will have to make choices as to what they carry with them and what they leave behind. They will also be able to collect relics which will offer a variety of buffs to the player, potentially improving their abilities. However, when the player dies, and they will, it will be a matter of losing almost everything and starting again from scratch. This is relatively normal for this genre, but players will be pleased to know that there are some advantages that the player can carry over.


Blessings can be carried through from one run to another, and the player will unlock these by collecting crystal skulls, which also carry through. These blessings can make a big difference to the game, offering a range of bonuses from taking less damage to increasing the light given off by light sources. Relics can offer the same sort of bonuses, but are limited by only being available until the player dies. In such a difficult game, any bonus is well received.

The combat is much more considered than your usual button masher, with the player also having to consider their stamina bar as they attack and dodge the various enemies that cross their path. As different weapons will offer different types of attack, players will have to learn the moves and combos for whatever weapon they are currently using, and make use of their environment as much as possible. The temple is filled with traps that will harm both the player and the enemies, from flame-spewing statues to floor spikes. Making clever use of these traps to combat the enemies will take the pressure off the player.

The combat is smooth and swift in the game, and feels satisfying. Collecting relics, equipment, and fighting against the enemies isn’t the only thing the player has to consider in the game though. The player will be presented with a branching map to follow, taking them from one level to the next. Sometimes the player will be able to see what lies ahead in upcoming areas, such as maybe a new weapon, or a place to finally heal. Other times the map will keep the player guessing.

But the big thing for the player to consider, and perhaps one of the games’ most interesting mechanics, is corruption. The player has a corruption gauge which will slowly fill for various reasons, resulting in our hero being cursed. There are a variety of curses in the game at the moment, with more to come, and these mostly do exactly what you would expect, make life more difficult. The curses are handed out randomly, and most will cause the player more problems, such as enemies that create more enemies, but some curses can be used to the players advantage, for example, if previously inactive traps are reactivated.

While Curse of the Dead Gods will certainly benefit from more content, which is promised through the course of Early Access, the game is running perfectly, something that cannot always be said for Early Access titles. It has a high level of polish, and the presentation and visuals are top notch even now.


Curse of the Dead Gods is an Early Access game that is ready to play. More content will keep players occupied for longer, but it is already very playable and quite enjoyable for genre fans. It is a hardcore game, but feels much more approachable than many and doesn’t rely on cheap tricks for its difficulty. Curse of the Dead Gods will be leaving Early Access later this year, and is planned to also launch on consoles. One for Roguelite fans to watch out for. Check out the Steam Early Access page now.


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