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DOOM Eternal

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 27 - 2020

Go to hell, and have some fun.

When id Software launched their re-imagining of DOOM four years ago, it was very well received, introducing new players to the simple joy of fighting through the demonic hordes. While a sequel was always likely considering how popular the game proved to be, id Software obviously didn’t just want to throw some new content at the game. And so, four years later, we get DOOM Eternal, an expanded package of FPS demon shooting fun. Doom Slayer is back and ready to slay.


The levels in DOOM Eternal are both massively varied and simply massive, which is nice. The player will find themselves shooting and hacking their way through the demonic hordes in a variety of different locales, all of which look stunning. No longer is it simply the heavy metal version of hell, as hell has come to Earth and given the player all sorts of nice things to look at. While some may lament the more varied art direction and use of colour, preferring their demonic slaughter bathed in reds and blacks, it really does prove more interesting. The levels are still quite linear, although the various traversal techniques that Doom Slayer has at hand gives the levels a much more dynamic feel as the player jumps, grabs onto walls or swings on horizontal poles to reach areas. The levels are also incredibly large, giving ample scope for a bit of exploration if the demon fighting calms down for a minute of two. Of course, there are a mass of secrets and hidden areas to find, many of which will likely remain hidden until the player comes back later to mop up whatever they have missed.

When it comes to story, well, DOOM Eternal is perhaps a little bit light. It is set after the previous game, which is handy, but the introductory scenes don’t really give much away. However, they do enough to get the player hyped about fighting demons, and once the heavy metal kicks in most players will be almost in a frenzy. There is plenty of lore to find throughout the game, for those who want to know some more about what is going on. But for most, they will be happy to know that they have to kill everything that moves, in the most enjoyable ways.


Doom Slayer is perfectly suited to taking on the hordes from hell. As an unstoppable demonic killing machine, Doom Slayer has ample equipment on hand. Firstly, there is the basic arsenal of weapons, all of which are anything but basic. Each of the equipable weapons can be modded to change their function, such as the beloved combat shotgun that can be modded to fire sticky bombs, and these mods can even be upgraded to make them more effective. The general gun play is loose and precise, giving skilful players more of an advantage. However, there are a variety of difficulty levels, even if the lowest still proves to be very tricky. DOOM Eternal feels fair though, and deaths will likely come from the players own mistakes rather than any cheap shots.

Each of those different weapons have their own purpose, and there is an importance to learning the weaknesses and which weapon to use against which enemy. The game is also very much about movement, with those who take it slow or defensively being more likely to fail. The new movement abilities of Doom Slayer, along with the more imaginative level design, will give the player plenty of new options when facing the demons. There is even a grapple hook upgrade which will allow Doom Slayer to zip towards enemies with ease.

There are many more things to take into account though, other than just which weapon to use. When an enemy has taken enough damage, the player will be able to perform a Glory Kill which, while being incredibly satisfying and enjoyable to which, will give the player a couple of seconds to catch their breath and also reward them with a little health. A new melee attack, the Blood Punch, gives the player more choice when they run out of ammo, which is quite scarce in the game. To get more ammo, players will have to rely on their trusty chainsaw to hack away at enemies, who will then drop a whole bundle of ammo for all weapons. For armour recovery, the player will have to rely on their new shoulder-mounted flamethrower to burn away enemies, who will then drop armour.


There is a lot of choice when it comes to which weapon to use in a given situation, and some may find that a little difficult to get their heads around. However, there is also a lot of choice in demons, and they really are excellent in DOOM Eternal. With new demons, such as the Carcass and the Marauder, to returning favourites, from the Cacodemon to the Archvile, each and every one of them brings new ways to die, and new tactics for the player to employ. Hell, even the standard cannon fodder demons, which will just keep on spawning until the more important demons have been taken care of, can overwhelm the player who is not prepared.

It is difficult to come up with faults in DOOM Eternal. Obviously, not everyone will be a fan of the gore, but this is a game about fighting the denizens of hell. With all manner of secrets to find, upgrades to use, which include both active and cosmetic options, and even little cheats that can affect how the game plays, there is plenty of content to keep players entertained for ages. The multiplayer is a little weaker than the previous entry, but the new Battlemode, a 2V1 mode, is quite good fun. The difficulty of the game is set quite high, even on the lowest difficulty setting, which could cause some less experienced FPS players to put down their controllers. But that’s really all I have got.


DOOM Eternal has launched at a time when many gamers will be stuck at home and looking for escapism. Those who are happy to fight off the hordes of hell in the most bloody way possible will not be disappointed. Everything in the game works incredibly well, and the almost poetic joy of moving from one demon to another, shooting, exploding and hacking up, is the perfect antidote to life’s current stress. DOOM Eternal is an excellent FPS title that will bring joy to all adrenaline-loving FPS fans.




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