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Restore The Balance In Outland

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Posted by GG Goblin On March - 10 - 2020

Playing, Creating, Sharing.

When Media Molecule launched LittleBigPlanet, it was difficult to not fall in love with the little Sackboy and his thoroughly enjoyable platforming adventures. However, there was much more to the game, thanks to the Play, Create, Share mantra that Media Molecule were pushing alongside the game, and the more creative players out there found themselves with the tools to make all manner of gaming experiences from within the game and share them with the world. While LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy may have fallen by the wayside, Media Molecule’s life purpose still seems to be to provide the gaming world with the tools to make gaming experiences, and their latest offering Dreams seems to fulfil that purpose.


Dreams is not a game, as such. Rather, it is a collection of tools that allows the user to create their own games, and the magic of the tools is that they can be as simple or complex as the user requires. With that being said, Dreams is not short of things to play though, as projects can be uploaded and shared with the rest of the community, and so those looking from something to spend some time playing, or maybe those looking for inspiration, will be absolutely overwhelmed with every genre of game that could be imagined, and more besides. From hugely polished experiences by Media Molecule themselves, through puzzle games, RPGs, horrors and shooters, to even small experiences that show off the users creativity in art or sound, the sheer number of different things for users to look at is incredibly impressive, even more so considering the platform has not been around for too long.

Dream Surfing is where the user will be able to find all of these experiences. The community nature of this collection means that it can be slightly overwhelming to find something specific, but the tools for finding whatever the player feels like are robust. As is often the case in this type of community space, users are able to leave feedback on the various experiences, which can not only help the user to find what they want, but also offer guidance for the creator. At this early stage in Dreams’ life, creators are still finding out what the software is capable of and so there are a lot of experiences out there that will maybe not quite measure up to what the player expects, but this is something that will change in time, and there are still some incredibly impressive games to spend some time with already. Come back in a year and I would imagine there to be some truly magical creations.


Exploring the mass of creations is sure to be fun, but the most impressive experience so far is Media Molecule’s own Art’s Dream, a two hour experience that is included in the package and packs in many different genres to inspire the players and show what Dreams can do. Of course, it helps to have an entire studio behind you, but it’s still an accomplishment that anyone, with enough time and work, could create something like this inside of Dreams. Art’s Dream may not be very long, but the compelling tale of a Jazz musician hops through so many different styles and genres that it can’t help but make an impression. As a showcase for what Dreams can do, it really is quite excellent.

However, most of the gamers picking up Dreams will be doing so more for the creation suite than for the actual gaming. The selection of tools that are available to the user have been developed to be as friendly as possible, and that all starts with the Impy, the cute little creature that becomes the players cursor during their time creating. Whether choosing motion control with the Dual Shock controller, Move controllers, or simply using the analogue sticks, the user will be able to manipulate almost everything on the screen, and navigate the various menus with ease. All of this freedom may be a little daunting, but ample tutorials are available to guide the player through the basics and well into the more advanced stuff. Users won’t even have to go it alone either, as the chance to cooperatively work on a project is present too. The possibilities really are endless for creative users who put the time in.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that even creative voids like myself will get some enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment from the simple tasks the tutorials present. The tools are quite simple to use and, after a short amount of time, understand, and while they have their limitations compared to professional software creation tools, they are enjoyable to use, rather than a chore. The only real thing that would be standing in the way of a user creating a great experience is their own imagination.


It is difficult to put a score on something like Dreams. At the end of the day, it is a suite of tools that can be used to create wonderful content. But that content will continue to change and evolve over time, and so the actual experience of playing in Dreams will also change. Media Molecule’s Play, Create, Share mantra is perfectly embodied in Dreams and anyone with an ounce of creativity will be making their own games in no time. With an expansive community and all of the tools to make the most of it, Dreams will only grow and improve. Playing, creating and sharing is easier than it has ever been. For the creative types and gamers who dream of making their own game, Dreams will tick all of the boxes. Dreams is incredibly impressive and worth spending time with.




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