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Gigantosaurus: The Game – First Look

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 2 - 2020

Cute dinosaurs collecting stuff and then having a race, what’s not to like?

What is a Gigantosaurus? Well, as the name may suggest, it is a massive dinosaur. It also happens to be the name of a TV show airing on Disney Junior, which means that it is probably very well known to younger children or anyone who has younger children. So it’s a kid’s show, albeit one that looks to be very well made. However, none of this was made clear to me before I sat down to play a limited build of Gigantosaurus: The Game on PC, from Cyber Group Studios and Outright Games. Time to channel my inner-child.


Frankly, my inner-child is very happy with this. Dinosaurs are great and, unlike many kids fads that are around today, they have been around for millions of years, and will likely continue to be interesting to kids for years to come. Jumping into this demo with no prior knowledge of the show or the characters did leave me slightly bemused, but as a huge fan of The Land Before Time movies, I could see where it was going.

In the game, there are a group of young dinosaurs who take it on themselves to help out with all menner of problems, such as a meteor blocking the volcano. These are Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill, and each of these dinosaurs have their own personality that I would imagine mirrors their personalities in the show. There also happens to be a massive dinosaur known as Gigantosaurus, and players will presumably learn more about this imposing character as the game goes on. As I mentioned, I didn’t know who these characters are, but any fan of the show will undoubtedly be impressed by seeing them on the screen and controllable. The games target audience is from four to eight year olds, and the characters bring the sort of innocence that parents would want from a game, along with lots of lessons to be learned.


For the demo, I was presented with a decently sized open level to explore. Playing as the entire group of four dinosaurs, the player can easily switch between them to play as their favourite. The gameplay on this level was mostly made up of running around and collecting stuff, such as lost eggs. It was quite simple, but still engaging enough for a youngster. The 3D levels will present the player with various obstacles to be overcome, and puzzles to be solved, but again there is nothing too taxing here. Each of the dinosaur characters have their own special skill that will be needed to solve certain puzzles, but the game makes it very clear which dinosaur is needed to progress.

So, a 3D level with loads of things to collect. Sounds like almost every other movie tie-in game for kids. However, Gigantosaurus: The Game stands out through the production value. The move from cut scene to actual gameplay is almost seamless in the visuals, and all of the dinosaurs are really great looking. The 3D open levels have plenty of colour and lots too look at, inviting the young players to explore and have fun with their dino pals.


Interestingly, once an area has been completed the players get to enjoy another side of the game as they make their way to the next level. The developers have squeezed in a simple kart racing game for the players to enjoy, adding a level of competition and a bit of variety to the game. The kart racing was once again nothing too complex, but perfectly suited for younger players and their families.

From the level I played and the small bit of racing, it is easy to see that the developers understand their audience. The game is simple, but not so simple as to be condescending. Certain parts will require concentration and even a certain amount of platforming skill, which will give the players a sense of accomplishment once overcome. Of course, the game will be playable in co-op as well with up to three friends, so there will also be plenty of fun to be had.


I have to say, I was impressed. If the rest of the game is as well made as the limited demo I played, then fans of Gigantosaurus will be over the moon. Gigantosaurus: The Game looks to be a welcoming title for young players and their families, and will be launching for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC on 27th March. Gigantosaurus fans, keep your eyes peeled.


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