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Hidden Through Time

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 25 - 2020

Forget Wally, where is that damn snail?

The Where’s Wally/Waldo books were great. They challenged the reader to find various things including the titular character, in complex scenes that had so much to look at, it was difficult not to be entertained. Crazy Monkey Studios want to bring the jot of digital hide and seek to gamers with their latest title, Hidden Through Time. There may be no striped jumper to locate, but players will be finding all manner of other well hidden objects through various different moments in time.


While we are all looking for the next adrenaline-fuelled experience, some times it is just nice to kick back and relax with something a little more simple, something slower. Hidden through Time offers that experience in spades, as the player is presented with a scene and then charged with finding certain objects hidden within it. The presentation of each scene is magnificent as the simply drawn objects, animals and characters seem to be going about their daily lives, whatever time period they are based in. Each scene is joyous to look at, and infinitely relaxing when combined with the charming music that plays along in the background.

The scenes, which really are the highlight of the game, all come to life as the player goes hunting for stuff. Tap a little character or move a tree and the player may be greeted by a nice little sound effect, or an animation. It makes the task of searching so much more fun. Even better, certain buildings and such can be tapped to open them up and see inside, and will often prove to be the hiding place for difficult to find targets. Each scene offers something new to look at and, with so much going on, finding any of the required items will not be easy.

But that is okay, this is a relaxed game after all. Hidden Through Time doesn’t put any undue stress on the player. It starts easily enough with a small scene and only a few things to find. However, as the player progresses, the maps get bigger and more complex, and the number of items to find increases. But there is no time limit to stress the player out, and only a few items need to be found in order to unlock the next scene, which removes almost all frustration. Of course, completionists will want to find each item, and so may have to rely on the small hints that are offered. None of these are so obvious as to tell the player where the item is, but they can all give an idea of where to look.


The whole experience is just packed with charm. It will only take a couple of hours to get through the selection of included levels than span through the history of our planet, but they will be a really laid back couple of hours. Trying to find every item will obviously add much more time to the gameplay, and also there is a great sense of fun when other people join the hunt, even on the small Switch screen.

On the subject of playing a game like this on the Switch, playing in handheld mode can be really tricky, and even more so on the Switch Lite. The scenes are small and detailed already, and playing on the Switch in handheld mode can really strain the eyes. The player is able to zoom in to a certain degree, but not that much. Playing on a big screen does make life a lot easier, but then be prepared for fingerprints on your TV.

Alongside the core game, the developers have included both a level editor and the ability to play community levels. The level editor is not particularly intuitive on Switch, but those creative types who enjoy the idea of making these scenes will work it out. For those who just want to keep on finding stuff though, there are ample community levels to download and enjoy, and they can be sorted in such a way that the user will be able to find what they want with ease.


Hidden Through Time is digital hide and seek. For what it is, which is a fairly simple concept, and the asking price of only £6.99, the game really is very good. The presentation is excellent, the relaxed vibe is enjoyable, and it just begs for other players to join the fun. Hidden Through Time will not be for everyone, but those looking for a relaxed game of digital hide and seek, which is as much fun to look at as it is to play, will not be disappointed.




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