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Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 3 - 2020

I think it’s time to go home.

Those wanting to spend more time exploring the grim reality of post-nuclear war Russia are quite welcome to reload Metro Exodus and once again step into the boots of Artyom, or jump back into Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light in one of their many incarnations. However, let’s face it, there must be some players who just want to leave Russia behind. For those players, the lure of Sam’s Story, the last piece of Metro Exodus DLC included in the Season Pass, will see the American Spartan Ranger Sam making moves to get home to the USA. While it may still mean spending time in Russia, at least the end goal will take the player away.


Sam was always the odd one out, being the only American in Artyom’s close group. Without spoiling the ending of Metro Exodus, the Sam’s Story DLC follows directly on with Sam deciding that he wants to get back to the USA and his ageing father, assuming he will still be alive after so much time has passed. To accommodate this desire to cross the sea, Sam makes his way to Vladivostok where there just happens to be a working nuclear submarine. The down side of this is that the submarine is under the control of a decidedly dodgy American called Tom, and the submarine’s previous captain and Tom don’t get on. Oh, and to top it off, there is no fuel. So begins a short jaunt through Vladivostok to find the required fuel and to get Tom and the captain on the same side. Following this three hour or so adventure, maybe Sam will be able to reunite with his dad.

Vladivostok is a nice little open-world setting for the player to explore. The area is much smaller than the rest of Metro Exodus, obviously, but it feels much more dense than the main game. There isn’t much by way of variety, Vladivostok is a marshy wasteland, but 4A Games have done an impressive job of making it as detailed as possible, with plenty to see and a nice verticality to a lot of areas to pack more in. The detail also manages to carry across the grim reality that is found in all of the Metro games.


The density of Vladivostok also carries through to the gameplay, with barely a moments peace to be found once the player starts on the actual open exploration of the game. There are a lot of secrets to be found off the beaten path, and the player won’t be able to move without facing one kind of threat or another. While there is not much new in the DLC when it comes to adversaries, there is a rather impressive giant bat that the player will have to deal with at some point. Then there are the mines. These little blighters are everywhere and setting one off by accident, as they can be quite well hidden, is not pleasant. While they can be stripped for parts if located, they really are plentiful and a pain in Sam’s backside.

However, the developers obviously realised how annoying the hidden mines would be, and so quickly provides the player with a tool that can detect them. This tool is also quite handy for finding other traps and even the occasional treasure, if finding new parts for your weapons can be considered treasure. The downside of using the detector is that it constantly beeps, which can be quite off-putting. As already hinted at, the weapon upgrade system is still in full force, allowing the player to adapt their weapons and make them into whole new ways to dealing with bandits and spiders. Adding to the arsenal are two new weapons in the form of a handgun and an assault rifle, both of which can be tweaked into really quite impressive guns.

Playing through the DLC will be really enjoyable to any Metro Exodus player who wants more of what the game does best. The density of the DLC ensures that the action moves forward quickly, and that the player will not really be given a moments peace from start to finish. Vladivostok is atmospheric and detailed, and really is a great place to explore, if you aren’t worried about the constant fear of surprising death. The only real problem I had with Sam’s Story comes down to bugginess on Xbox One, which led to some crashes.


Sam’s Story is a really nice way to wrap up the Metro Exodus DLC, giving players more of the same. An interesting mission with a new character, some new equipment and a great new location make for a really enjoyable few hours. Players who want to continue their Metro Exodus adventure should pick up Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story and try to get Sam back to the USA.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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