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A Day On The Farm

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Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Launches on Switch on February 20, 2020

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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 16 - 2020

It takes only one punch.

Starting out life as a webcomic, One Punch Man’s interesting take on the superhero genre quickly gained popularity and was made into Manga and then Anime. The quirky tale tells of a hero, Saitama, who can take down any villain, be they demon, alien or plain old monster, with a single punch. While kind of awesome, being omnipotent can be quite boring, and Saitama struggles with day to day tasks, making him a really interesting character. Now, Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco Games have released One Punch Hero: A Hero Nobody Knows, a 3V3 arena fighting game starring the unstoppable hero. How can a game in which the main character can defeat any enemy with a single punch possibly be fun? Well, mostly by casting that hero as a support character who always seems to be running late. That would work.


For the main story, the player will create their own superhero who will join the Hero Association and attempt to riser through the ranks to become a major hero. The story follows season one of the anime and will see the player being able to head out into the city and chat with various NPCs, while picking up various side quests that will allow the player to eventually access the story missions. For the most part, these missions will involve fighting, but there are some other things to do in-between battles, such as further customise the players’ character. Most of the characters in One Punch Man are over-the-top and so being able to unlock more options to make the players own character fit in with this outlandish characters makes sense. There are also other things, such as unlocking and equipping new moves, or making friends with the other heroes in the Hero Association, to entertain the player. On levelling up, points can be spent on various attributes in order to improve the fighter, giving the player more encouragement to continue fighting.

So when it comes to the fighting itself, the mechanics are fairly standard for a 3D fighter where the player is given limited area to move around in. The player will have a wide variety of different moves available to them, including combos, throws and defensive moves. There is a slight lack of precision compared to some of the more serious fighting games, but that is more than made up for by presenting moves that look super impressive on the screen, leaving the player feeling like they are a proper hero. The fighting is all very enjoyable, and as the player brings a couple of companions with their own custom hero, being able to swap between characters during a battle adds variety as the fighting styles will differ. Of course, if the player happens to have Saitama in their corner, they may have to wait for him to arrive. This is presented by a countdown timer that slowly ticks away as the player tries to survive long enough for Saitama to turn up. Once he does though, the opponent will face game over. It is a fun mechanic that makes sense, and waiting for allies is something that applies to other heroes as well as Saitama.


The main story mode will take most players only around eight hours, depending on their battling skill. There is also a training mode that will give new players a chance to brush up on the mechanics, and of course, multiplayer. Other players can also be challenged in the main hub area of the game, but there are plenty of options when it comes to the dedicated multiplayer mode. There are a nice range of different characters available to choose from in the multiplayer, although many will have to be unlocked during the story mode before they can be chosen, and even Saitama can make an appearance, although there is the option to remove him if the players choose.

Visually, One Punch Man looks pretty much as you would expect from an anime fighting game. The heroes and their opponents are all very nicely done, which is all the more important considering how flashy most of them look, and they all move well, with some visually spectacular moves to enjoy. The environments on the other hand, tend to be somewhat of a let down, being dull, uninteresting and lacking in detail. The audio work is nothing to write home about, either.

As a recreation of the One Punch Man anime, the game is quite good and plays plenty of fan service so that those who know the series will raise plenty of smiles. The real problem faces the newcomers. One Punch Man may be popular in certain circles, but it is hardly well known out in the general world, and for those who don’t know the stories or the characters, there is very little by way of explanation here. As a generic anime fighting game, which will be how the game presents itself to the non-fans, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows feels exactly that. There is nothing substantially new.


Fans of the One Punch Man anime or manga will likely be happy to spend some time in this bizarre world of heroes, meeting up with characters they know and love. Those who have not heard of One Punch Man before will probably struggle a bit more to find the joy in this anime fighting game. There is certainly plenty of humour in the game, and the actual fighting is quite satisfying, but it fails to stand out against more well known titles. Pick up One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows if you know Saitama, otherwise, maybe wait for a hefty discount.




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