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Those Who Remain Preview

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 24 - 2020

Stay in the light, or step into the darkness.

Wired Productions and Camel 101 want everybody on the very edges of their seats this May, as supernatural adventure-thriller Those Who Remain will launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on May 15th. While Switch owners will have to wait until the Summer to be watched by shadowy figures, GGUK have already had the pleasure of being creeped out with an early look at the game. We will be staying in the light, but you are quite welcome to read about Edward and the town of Dormont, and step into the dark if you really want to.


The game starts with a pretty grim scene. It would appear that main character Edward has made some mistakes in his life, not least of which is having an affair. Edward is not a happy man, lingering between the photos of his family, the gun and the bottles of whisky that seem to be keeping him company. Still, it is never to late to make things right, and so Edward heads off to meet his mistress and break things off. Planning to meet at a motel outside Dormont, Edward hops in the car.

So, the player takes control as Edward arrives at the motel in the town of Dormont, determined to break up with his mistress. However, the motel seems quiet. Heading to the reception, there is nobody around and it takes a little bit of detective work to work out which room Edward needs to head to, and where to find the key. Upon entering the room, there is again nobody around, although the shower has been left running. It is all a bit unnerving.

In the empty room, the phone rings and a voice tells me to “Stay in the light”. A bit more information would have been nice, but I guess that is what to expect in a game building tension. Almost immediately, I rush around the room turning off all of the lights, including those in the bathroom, just to see what would happen. Aside from being in complete darkness, not a lot it turns out. Hmm, okay. Not sure what to do next, I head outside to see my car being stolen. Wow, this night just goes from bad to worse for poor Edward, doesn’t it. Well, as I have already explored the motel area, I guess it’s time to take to the road and head to town.


A short way along the road, I discover why I need to stay in the light. Shadowy figures are all waiting in the dark, with creepy glowing eyes. They are just standing and watching, but get too close and things start getting a little wobbly and will lead to a black out and being set back in the game. Following the light sources though, I manage to make my way to a building. Heading inside, the rooms are dark and again filled with those creepy shadow beings. Turning on the lights as I go through the house, I can’t find anyone, but there is evidence of dismal goings on. It would seem that to reach the town I will need to turn on the field lights, and this will involve a little bit of simple back and forth, route finding puzzle solving. Nothing too difficult, but no less tense than the rest of the game so far.

Getting those lights on seem to give me a route to the town, or at least in the direction of the bright lights. However, stepping into the field, something strange happens. Edward seems to have been transported somehow to a different place, a place that feels slightly off. Wandering for a while, I find a stuffed toy, and then see an open door in the middle of nowhere. Going through the door, I appear to be back in the real world and approach a well lit garage. Here, Edward will come across another aspect of the games’ puzzles, as getting access to the garage will require a path of light, which in turn will mean using the headlights of a nearby car. The problem is that the car seems to be unapproachable, and Edward will need to head through a door into that other world in order to solve the problem, as it would seem items can be interacted with in the other world in order to affect them in the real world. Or at least, that is the impression I get.

Those Who Remain certainly seems to promise a tense time to anyone who picks the game up when it launches in May. Camel 101 have offered only a small insight into the game, but seem to be promising so much more. I am not yet sold on the game being especially scary, but there is a really unnerving atmosphere. There is a certain amount of Alan Wake inspiration here and the staying in the light mechanic is one that will always add tension. Throw in the otherworldly areas, that bring a Stranger Things feel, as both new places to explore and as a mechanic to use to solve puzzles, and there seems to be plenty of places the game can go. As a character, Edward has not really made very good choices. But he is interesting and getting to the bottom of what is going on in Dormont could be an enjoyable journey.


Those Who Remain is due to launch on May 15th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with a Switch edition set for the Summer. A lot depends on how the rest of the game pans out, but what I have seen so far has me interested and wanting to play more. Supernatural thriller fans, or those who like to step into the darkness from time to time, will likely have some fun with Those Who Remain and should keep watching for the games’ launch. Find out more about Those Who Remain and pre-order at www.thosewhoremain.com


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