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Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 2 - 2020

An anime fighting game that offers something a little different between punches.

Arc System Works make good fighting games. They are especially well known for their anime tie-in fighting games, adding some quality combat to series such as Dragon Ball and Persona. Their latest tie-in incorporates a series that is well known in Japan, but much less so over here. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is an anime fighting game based in the world of a mobile RPG. There are some interesting things going on here, and even those unfamiliar with the Granblue Fantasy world will easily get pulled in and fighting with the best of them.


Fans of Arc System Works will be quite at home here. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is an anime fighting game at its core, and that is what Arc System Works do best. The cast is not so huge, offering only eleven fighters to start with. While this may seem a little tight in comparison with other fighting games, it at least allows the player to fairly quickly learn each of the fighters and then how to fight against them. The characters are varied in their fighting styles, some offering quick and light, with others slow and heavy, and those in-between. The world of Granblue Fantasy is fairly generic Final Fantasy fare, with some solid influences that make it easy to understand and slip into. There is nothing special in the setting, but when the game pretty much revolves around beating down other characters, does it really matter? Besides, there is the option to learn more about the world in one of Versus’ modes, but more on that in a moment.

Most gamers will know what to expect in a fighting game, and will know whether or not they are any good at them. Granblue Fantasy: Versus is far more accessible to more casual fighting fans though. Firstly, the battles are more considered than many, a little slower and easier for players to plan their moves though. While each fighter is different, the controls remain the same and are quite easy to get to grips with. This is made all the easier with solid tutorials that will guide the player through the basics to the more advanced moves.

Most interestingly, fighters have special moves that work on a cool-down timer. The more veteran fighting fans will be quite happy to activate these moves through the usual convoluted methods involving stick twists and multiple button presses. For those less experienced fighters though, there is a shortcut button that makes the moves far easier to activate. The thing is though, the cool-down will be longer if the shortcut is used, which will give player a good reason to learn the moves proper and improve. It is this type of thinking that really does make the difference for newcomers to what is a very foreboding genre.


Powerful moves, long-running combos and easy to read opponents ensure new players are welcomed into the fighting fold. Along with the solid tutorials, it won’t take long for most players to hold their own in battle. However, for those who want are not ready to face other players, or those who want to learn more about the Granblue Fantasy world, there is the intriguing RPG Mode. This is a mode rarely seen in a fighting game, in which the player basically plays a side-scrolling beat em up. It is not the most exciting mode ever, as the player moves simply from dialogue to fighting and back to dialogue, which can get repetitive quite quickly. But for the single player, there is a fair few hours of good fun here, as they face off against a variety of opponents, including some cool boss battles. The mode brings the RPG elements in that the player can improve their party and gather more and more loot as they progress. While not enough to warrant purchasing the whole game, the RPG Mode could be enough to convince those on the fence to dip their toes in.

Aside from the tutorials and the RPG Mode, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has the usual other modes for players to spend time in. The game has a very nice fighting system that is not too complex and accessible to newcomers, while still offering more skilful players a chance to shine. This is why the game shines best when players take the fight online and face off against other real players. Of course, the less experienced will still find themselves at a disadvantage, but it feels much less than in most fighting games and learning the skills needed to win are much more achievable.

The visuals are another highlight in Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Both those who know the world and those who don’t will be able to appreciate beautiful backgrounds and superb anime characters pulling off visually stunning moves. The level of polish is so high that some may be distracted from the fight as they take in their surroundings. It really is a good looking game.


Excellent visuals and an unusual accessibility are not enough to make Granblue Fantasy: Versus a great fighting game though. The RPG mode feels strange, but serves its purpose and provides a nice distraction for the single player, and for multiplayer fans, the mechanics are great. It does feel a little lacking in content, but as a fighting game suited for all skill levels, Granblue Fantasy: Versus will be easy to pick up.




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